Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Any Business

Do you know that more than 80% of business traffic comes from the social media platform according to a various study conducted to track down the social media impact on the business? Now we know that  social media has the power to uplift your business  but you should know about it.


Identify your consumers: The Social media page of any business must contain useful information as per the user perspective , and one must avoid personal agenda while publishing any post on business page. Customers are concerned about their requirements. You need to post the content that can address the demands of customers. The content should have 80% relevancy to their needs and 20% or less than about your business.

Be innovative: You need to be creative on your social media business page. Remember client wants something original and innovative post. It is essential to set apart from others when you have the objectives to attract your customers.

Be active but never do excessive: It is essential to be active on your social media page, but that doesn’t mean you need to do it excessively. While active engagement will impress your customer while overdoing, it will make your customer irritate. They might un-follow you and your post will be disguised by the many posts, which might be useful for your customers.

Always keep tracking: While posting the content in the social media page, it is essential to post differently and keeps track the analytics, which will show you the trends, and it will tell you that when your followers are active social media and post during that period.

Sharing the post
: Well, it is essential to share the post, because it is the main thing because business needs to be active on the social media platform.

Be clear with your message: When you are sharing the post, you need to be clear and to the point about your business across all channels like social media, website, and public.

Have credibility: If you want to be a brand, you must do the work that will make you credible. The enthusiastic and vibrant desire for your business website, you should provide to your customers. If you are not attractive or credible, then you don’t get followers and customers.
Identify which social media channel is best for you: It is not necessary that if your competitors are good on Facebook, then it will also be successful. You must try as much as possible social media channels such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and all that.


Don’t share post excessively: It is good to share information, but when you do it frequently, it will make your followers irritated. You might disillusion them. You need to be clear which post you should share or which you don’t need to share. It might be possible that the excitement of sharing too much can lose the interest of your customers.

Avoid liking your post: We all tend to like your post, but if you are handling a business page, you should not do it. Even you should encourage your employee to like, share, and comment on the post. Your staff can be an accurate marketing division for your business.

Don’t be inactive: Creating social media profile for your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. is not enough because if you are not active on the social media channel, you will not get the reach of your potential customers.

Don’t entertain everyone: It doesn’t mean that if someone is following you, you should also follow back to that person. You need to choose those who can genuinely complement your business, and if you want, connect with anyone. And make sure that the person is worth it.

Don’t forget to grow your network: To make your website or business a brand, you must build your network. So never forget to link with a different network to develop the quality connection on social media. Word of mouth will be the boon for your business.

Avoid spammy: People should understand the guidelines of social media and follow it strictly. Don’t ever try to spam the website as it will leave a negative impression on your profile.

Maintain privacy setting: Well, if you have own a social media page. It is mandatory to keep privacy setting, so that you can not get annoyed by any unwanted user and content. You can decide who can follow your page or who cannot.

Maintain comment: We know that it is not easy to respond to every comment and reaction in your social media page. But you be interactive with your customers. So try to appreciate the comment of the customer and pay gratitude to them. It will give them sign that you care for your audience.