eCommerce Email Marketing :: 9 Tips To Boost Your Conversions

Investing in ecommerce businesses is the new buzzword, and everyone seems to want to enjoy a slice of the enticing pie. To have a cutting edge over one’s competition, it becomes imperative for every eCommerce owner to provide a secure working environment by investing in an SSL Certificate and secondly to have a vigorous marketing strategy in place. With cybersecurity gaining prominence under the purview of increased hacking incidents, the importance of securing your web store with an SSL certificate cannot be overlooked. It can become a task to choose the right kind and type of SSL cert. For ecommerce store owners, we suggest that you go for a cheap wildcard SSL certificate as it secures the in-transit communication transpiring over the chosen primary domain and an unlimited number of first-level subdomains. 

With so many different and effective digital marketing platforms available today to reach out to your customer, ranging from social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc., to youtube video channels, the choice is immense. Still, the very basic Email marketing for eCommerce websites holds among the topmost marketing tools that affect conversion rate positively.

According to HubSpot Research Global Survey, Nov – Dec 2019, over a period of last 12 months, eMail engagement has seen a considerable increase as experienced by 78% of marketers.  Statistics also reaffirms the fact that investing in eCommerce eMail marketing gives you unmatched ROI ( Returns on Investment), a whopping $38 is generated  for every $1 that is invested by the marketer              

So, if you are an eCommerce website owner, then you will agree with Email marketing being so economical, and because of its ability to have a deep and extensive reach out, it is only a good idea to explore various Ecommerce Email marketing practices that help you to engage with your potential and existing customers such that it takes your organization on a successful path of growth. 

#1. Have A Robust Email Marketing Strategy In Place

It is crucial to have a well thought over and well-informed Email marketing strategy in place with clear-cut goals. In the first place, providing a safe and secure E-commerce platform to your users, secured by SSL Certificate, is a must for winning the trust of your visitors whom you are trying to engage with Email marketing. 

An SSL Certificate secured eCommerce website encrypts all the communication between the user’s web browser and the web server protecting the user’s sensitive information shared on the website from any data breach or Man-in-the-middle cyber attacks. An SSL Certificate secured eCommerce website changes its protocol from HTTP to secure HTTPS and introduces a visual sign of trust, a padlock to the URL of the website. Investing in a Wildcard SSL Certificate to secure your eCommerce website gives you a very economical solution to securing the main root domain and all the subdomains, one step below the root domain with just a single certificate.

Now that you have a secured online platform for your visitors let us build a holistic email marketing strategy. First, make a detailed study of your target customers, various email campaigns, the results of these Email campaigns that you are trying to achieve, whether conversions or growing your email list. All of these form core components of a well-chalked-out email marketing plan. Thinking about your target customers, Emails can be customized to catch the attention of the potentials and lead them to carry out actions that create conversions.


#2. Make Most Of The Welcome Email Series

Make the most of the opportunity to grab the attention of your new subscriber by sending a Welcome Email Series. This is the best time to introduce your products, give them special offers and make them feel special. 

#3. Use The Strength Of Segmentation

Segmenting your email list should be one of the topmost priorities for Email marketers. Sending out the same content or discount offers in the Emails sent to all the visitors is certainly not a good idea in the long run. Sending non targeted emails may help gain visitors’ attention for a small period, but soon you will see the open rate of the Email dropping. Putting your site visitors into different groups or segmenting them is a sure-shot solution to this problem.

Segmenting is a continuous process as visitor’s interactions with the website are also constantly changing, so it needs to be regularly updated. Segmentation of the Email list can be based on their actions which could range from a new visitor to visitors with one or more orders, visitors with cart abandon habits, segmentation could also be based on age, a geographical location like city, village, education, and many more such criteria. Based on these segmentations, only relevant and targeted Emails should be sent to the visitors. This way, you will increase the chances of conversions.

#4. Use Personalization To Build A Long Lasting Association

Sending personalized and targeted Emails to your visitors is an important step in building a long-lasting relationship with your brand. Emails sent to your visitors must have content that is particularly based on its behaviour, interests which might include saying presenting them with a list of new arrivals in the brand they were always interested in, informing them about their favourite product going up on sale, informing them about availability of a product that had gone out of stock and many more such favours. This personalized messaging builds a human connection with the brand and will help in long-term engagement with your visitors and see increased Email click-through rates and increased conversion rates.

#5. Mobile Optimization For Emails Is Crucial 

With improved mobile technology, mobile phones have taken away a major chunk of the eCommerce economy. So, to be part of the eCommerce Email marketing strategy, emails need to be optimized for mobile phones. The email content should be able to reach your customer within the mobile screens, or else you will end up losing a major share of prospective customers.

For creating mobile optimized Emails, you can choose from a variety of Email marketing templates available or choose an Email service provider who can take care that Emails look just the way they would on any other screen.

#6. Use Email Marketing Automation Tools

Making use of Email marketing Automation tools provided by many reputed Email service providers is a big time saver. With the help of automation services, you can send bulk emails with just a single click by selecting the required segmented list. You can even try and test the resulting conversion rates from the automation tools provided by different Email service providers and then go for the one which helps to create Emails with the highest conversions. Klean Leads scrapes from LinkedIn profiles, 500+ million Local Businesses, and 15+ million B2B emails.

So, with the help of eCommerce Email marketing automation tools, automated emails can be sent to the chosen segmented list, which may include emails carrying promotional messages regarding some event, or it could be an email sent to wish Birthdays and Anniversaries or sending out welcoming messages to new customers and many more.

#7. Monitor and Assess Your Email Campaigns 

It is not just enough to launch an email marketing campaign, but it is more important to monitor and assess various parameters associated with it to correctly rate its success and shortcomings. You can always use these gains and negatives to build upon the next eCommerce Email marketing campaigns to grow your revenue by increasing conversions. 

#8. Always Strive To Grow Your Email List

Curating an email list and building email marketing strategies to engage your prospective customers decides where you will take your eCommerce platform from here. However good email marketing strategies are built, there will always be some dropout percentage from your email list. Hence, you have to continuously strive to grow this email list to engage with new prospective customers and mark a considerable growth in the revenue.

#9. Collect Subscriber Reviews 

Asking for subscriber reviews is a good idea to show his appreciation for your products and sharing their reviews on your eCommerce platform honestly only raises your credibility as a brand and builds trust in the new prospective customer.

In conclusion, we can say that email marketing has proved to be the most reliable and most widely used marketing channel for eCommerce platforms. Moreover, with the highest ROI(Return on Investment), it leaves behind any other contemporary digital marketing platforms. So, by focusing on the simple and effective eMail marketing hacks discussed above, you will be able to earn the best revenue growth for your eCommerce business.

 If used wisely with proper planning and keeping your target audience and goals in place, email marketing can work wonders in generating good leads and a higher rate of conversions. Equally important is the use of the right tools to achieve your targets; here, the role of an email service provider that gives you a fair balance of price and functional tools should be your choice. 

While implementing an eMail campaign, following a preconceived marketing strategy is vital to achieving your targets. Therefore, it is crucial to review the email marketing campaigns and how they affect the conversion rates. The take-aways from such reviews could then be incorporated into the next eMail campaigns to boost your conversions and take your business to unprecedented heights.