Entertainment Trends in the iGaming: Alex Hussain from JohnSlots Suggests Best Games To Try Out

In the dynamic sphere of online gambling, staying informed about recent inclinations is essential. At this moment, we’re fortunate to discuss with online gambling journalist Alex Hussain from JohnSlots. Boasting an extensive background and a fresh perspective on the sector, Alex unveils his premier game suggestions for an exhilarating and lucrative play session.

Q1: Alex, it’s a pleasure having you. Given the plethora of online games, what, in your opinion, makes a game distinguish itself in our current overflowing market?

Alex: It’s great to be here. In this bustling market, a game shines when it seamlessly blends compelling gameplay with enticing payouts. It revolves around blending top-notch graphics, engrossing narratives, and bountiful winning prospects.

Q2: Touching upon game suggestions, ‘Ungga Bugga Slot’ features prominently on your list. What’s so special about this slot?

Alex: Indeed, Ungga Bugga is a gem. What captures me is its standout 99.07% RTP. Such numbers are seldom seen in the slot universe. The game mechanics are unparalleled, and though a low-variance slot, it continually offers consistent, modest rewards, appealing particularly to those steering clear of colossal stakes.

Q3: For our readers less acquainted with the jargon, could you clarify RTP?

Alex: Absolutely. RTP denotes Return to Player. It signifies the fraction of total bets that a slot will reimburse to its players over a designated duration. A loftier RTP generally signals more favorable odds for the player in the longer term.

Q4: Shifting gears, ‘Eye of Horus Megaways’ is also on your radar. How does it stack up against the foundational ‘Eye of Horus’ slot?

Alex: The foundational version was commendable, but the Megaways adaptation truly elevates the experience. It boasts an astounding 15,625 win pathways, amplifying the thrill immensely. While its RTP rests a tad lower at 95.02%, the allure of hefty prizes, particularly with a pinnacle win of 50,000x one’s wager, becomes irresistible.

Q5: Transitioning, ‘Wild Hike’ has recently entered the digital slot arena. What made it resonate with you instantly?

Alex: Wild Hike had me hooked from the onset. Crafted by Relax Gaming, its premium visuals and auditory elements are mesmeric. But the real clincher was the dual buy features. Players have the autonomy to secure free spins, clinching victories with dual expansive wilds. It’s avant-garde and elevates the gaming odyssey.

Q6: Can you delve further into these ‘buy features’?

Alex: Certainly. Within Wild Hike, players are endowed with the choice to acquire either 7 or 10 free spins at 75x their wager value. Alternatively, they can opt for the free spins at a 150x bet multiplier, cementing a victory. This brings an additional tactical dimension and decision-making aspect for players.

Q7: Among these trio, which would be your primary suggestion for a beginner and the reason behind it?

Alex: For a greenhorn, my inclination would be towards Ungga Bugga. Its lofty RTP paired with its low fluctuation provides a smooth segue into the slot realm, facilitating novices to savor the game without plunging headfirst into complexities.

Q8: iGaming is in a constant state of flux. Any projections on the subsequent colossal wave in digital gaming?

Alex: My intuition says augmented and virtual realities will assume pivotal roles. They harbor the capability to render digital gaming profoundly engulfing. Parallelly, games grounded in blockchain and crypto-centric casinos could redefine our understanding of digital gambling.

Q9: To conclude, any overarching guidance for enthusiasts venturing into the iGaming domain?

Alex: Prioritize playing judiciously, invest time in groundwork, and bear in mind that the essence of gambling lies in amusement above all else.


Alex’s revelations cast a spotlight on the harmonious amalgamation of leisure and prospective winnings in the iGaming sphere. These games, with their alluring traits and lavish incentives, crystallize the ethos of contemporary digital gaming. Regardless of whether you’re a neophyte or a veteran, novel and riveting adventures are always around the corner.