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Exploring Your City: Fun and Unique Activities to Try Locally

You probably feel like you’ve seen all there is to see where you live. We bet you’re wrong! There is always something new to find, no matter where you live. In this article, we suggest how to challenge your inner explorer and get to know your home city better. Let’s dive in. 

Try A New Coffee Spot

Check out a new coffee spot and see if it meets your standards for the perfect cup of coffee. Even if you think you know every Starbucks in town, we challenge you to find those local hidden gems serving up a hot cuppa. 

Extend your search by traveling 30 minutes from your immediate area and seeing what’s out there. You might find your next favorite spot for a pick-me-up and even meet a talented tattoo artist to plan your next ink doodle in the process. 

Go Thrifting Locally

In case you didn’t know, thrifting is amazing. Whether you live on the outskirts of town or in the center of downtown LA, chances are, there are thrift stores near you that you have yet to even glance at. Whether it be a Goodwill chain or a family-owned business, check it out and see what vintage goods and couples halloween costumes you can find. The trend of making more sustainable choices continues to grow, especially in popular cities where pop culture thrives.

Eat At New Restaurants

Whether it’s the mom-and-pop shop that’s been there for decades or a chain that just opened up, try your luck at a new restaurant. Bring your friends and family to make it a real treat. There is bound to be something on the menu that will leave you feeling glad you made the trip. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a new cuisine you’ve never had before. 

Find Independent Booksellers   

There’s nothing cooler than being able to say that you stumbled upon a local bookstore. You can be that cool individual and rekindle your love for reading by shopping at an independent bookstore near you. Even if you can only find a bookstand, that’s still a new spot to discover some reads! 

Plus, if you find a used bookstore, you can likely find some classics for significant discounts. Reading amazing, life-changing books without burning a hole in your wallet is a win in and of itself. Take the trip to spot booksellers near you. 

Forgotten Shopping Centers 

Every town has one: check out forgotten shopping centers and explore the galleries and other stores that strangely stay in business. Whether it’s a small plaza or a ghost mall, as long as it’s still in business, it’s worth checking out. You might come out with a new piece of decor for your home, an invitation for a low-key rave party, or stumble on a kiosk that sells those agates you wanted for your rock collection. 

Smalltown Local Theatres

See what classic movies are playing and your local theater; you might find your favorite hometown hideaway. You may not be a theater kid, but you could easily enjoy a box of popcorn and a soda in a theater with few people. 

Bonus points: you may even end up purchasing props for the next showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Hmm… maybe, you’re more of a thespian than you thought you were. 

Explore Gems Near You 

Exploring your home city is often a lot more fun than you think it will be. There is always something to uncover, even if you’ve seen it all. Consider the above suggestions as you explore your city and find unique activities where you live.