FF14 Beginner’s guide: Tips and Trick for beginners

Final Fantasy XIV is ranked as a popular MMORPG by a large number of game critics from credible gaming websites. The best thing about it is that its trial version doesn’t limit the player to any level, and they can even upgrade their character to level sixty, although it is very difficult. If you are having a difficult time getting started in the game and don’t know anything about the game, here are some beginner tips and tricks to help you. Implement them in the right manner, and you will soon fly through those starting levels while getting the most out of the game. Without these tips and tricks, you will need hundreds of hours of gameplay to get pretty good at playing Final Fantasy XIV. 

Pick the right class 

In FFXIV, you can train as many classes as you want at the same time, but you have to choose a main class to deal with main storyline quests. This can be difficult if you are new to multiplayer role-playing games, but it won’t happen here. There are a total of twenty playable classes available in the game, and you can select one according to your needs. Use the option to train multiple classes right from the start and experiment with various classes before choosing your main class. Spend FFXIV Gil on the right weapons and armor pieces to make the main class powerful enough to deal with even the most difficult monsters effortlessly. 

Configure the Hud

The overall interface of Final Fantasy XIV is very complex because there are hundreds of overlapping systems in this massive RPG. This makes things difficult for beginners unless you configure the Hud in such a way to view everything at a glance while hiding everything else. The game allows you to customize the Hud according to your playstyle and the customization process is very easy, and beginners can do so. To customize the Hud, select the customization option from the pause menu. 

Focus on leveling 

Final Fantasy Fourteen is a story-based game for the most part, and you will be dealing with storyline quests for the first few days. As you complete these starting quests, you will unlock more in-game items such as jobs, raids, dungeons, etc. You should level fast in the game to unlock high-level items in the game as they feature better stats. Complete dungeons, jobs, raids, main storyline quests, and side quests for experience points and level at a good pace. Although main storyline quests provide you with good experience points, they do so for the first time only, while side quests on the other change when you complete them to ensure that you get something new to deal with and receive good experience points.

Use fast travel 

The world of FFXIV is pretty big in terms of area, and you will waste precious time getting from one place to the other on foot or even on a horse. You can use Aetheryte available on the game map to fast travel between locations in the blink of an eye. To fast travel, find an Aetheryte and interact with it to unlock it for the very first time. Now you can travel to that particular from any other Aetheryte or travel to other Aetheryte from this Aetheryte. Most of them can be found in settlements, and you have to pay a fee to travel through them. The fee is calculated according to the distance between both Aetheryte, but there is no fee to travel between small Aetheryte in the same city. 

Collect plenty of food 

Food is one of the best experience point boosters in the game, whether you are fighting with other players on the map or monsters from the dark world in dungeons. You can consume food from the bag and see the magic happen. Before entering a dungeon, consume some food to get the well-fed buff. If you are short on food, you can always buy more from vendors in towns and settlements with in-game currency. The well-fed buff only stays active for thirty minutes only, and it boosts experience points from all sources by three percent. This may not sound much, but it’s better than those base experience points. 

Use the chat feature 

There is a whole chat feature for beginners in Final Fantasy XIV called Novice Network, through which you can engage in chat with pro players to get help from them. These pro players have spent hundreds of hours in the game and earned the status of mentors. They provide beginners with pieces of advice and answers to all their game-related questions to help them get out of a difficult situations. You need a friend who has already earned a crown in a game to invite you to the novice network. The novice network isn’t monitored by any game officials at all, so the experience changes from server to server. While mentors in some servers are very helpful, mentors in other servers use the novice network as a common chatroom only and don’t answer any questions at all. 

Earn FFXIV Gil 

Gil is the official currency in Final Fantasy XIV, and you will need a lot of it in the game. Gil is required for almost everything in the game, and this makes it a rare currency. Due to its rarity, ways to earn it are very few, and you can’t earn a good amount even with those very few ways. You should get some time and grind for Gil every day and start saving it. Don’t spend Gil on unnecessary weapons, armor, and other items in the game. Save it instead for the time when you need it the most. After all the grinding and saving, if you are still short on FFXIV Gil, you can buy millions of it from MMOpixel at discounted rates and get the delivery within a few hours.