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Front End Features of Successful iGaming Software

When it comes to iGaming software, the front-end component is of crucial importance. After all, this is what users initially see and what attracts them, so they continue playing. Therefore, front-end iGaming software must provide several features that enhance the experience and keep a diverse user base engaged.

Because operator costs in regulated markets have risen in recent years, iGaming software operators now require software that can be adjusted and localized using simple integrations.

Another issue to be concerned about is the risk of fraud, and iGaming operators must focus on platforms with strong fraud detection capabilities while remaining flexible, stable, and entertaining.

Ensuring a Fast and Efficient Codebase

The user interacts with the functionality through the front-end package. But to bring the best at a fast pace, the back-end database must be efficient, bug-free, and able to support many users at once. To achieve this, implementing a lazy evaluation protocol in the software is of crucial importance. This evaluation strategy will speed up the loading time on the website, as the evaluation is not processed unless needed, further avoiding repeated assessment.

A Responsive Software Adapted To Multiple Platforms

Mobile devices are the pace-dwellers of the future of iGaming platforms. Thus, for an iGaming website to survive the worldwide switch trend, going from PC to mobile, it must be designed to perform well on both. Mobile/desktop/tablet adaptability is not the only important factor because a UX/UI can solve this quickly. Worldwide network performance, from one side, and adaptability to older versions of the existing models should also be considered.

However, it’s crucial to remember that the market needs and standards are not the same in every part of the world. For example, comparing the USA and the EU mobile market can bring various discrepancies to light. This is why this front-end feature needs to be closely evaluated too.

Offline Sports Betting

Sports betting has the loudest impact worldwide and is rapidly expanding in Africa. The live betting category has taken fundamental interest among passionate users, whether they’re occasional fans or loyal to a specific game or club. Responsive software does not only refer to the adaptability to various devices; it should also be accessible at any time, meaning that it needs to allow offline betting. According to the CEO of Paridirect, a betting operator in Congo, the African market is challenging. Offline betting solutions are critical because not all users have internet access in addition to their TV subscription.

Top Notch Safety

iGaming software integrates required payment and personal data from a large customer base. This makes it a target for hackers. That’s why an advanced safety mechanism with high fraud detection capabilities is necessary. Predicting threats and purchasing regular anti-virus software isn’t enough in the field of iGaming software. iGaming platforms require machine learning to learn and predict future threats on time, as well as mitigate the threat.

Localization & Accessibility

Making placing real-time bets accessible is highly important for iGaming software providers, as they receive funds directly through these sports bets. This is why the localization aspect of the website, in terms of adapting to the local payment methods and currency, is necessary.  Aside from making live bets available anytime and tailored to the local population. All possible quotes should be either completely visible or easily accessible with a few clicks. This would allow further improvement of the software, thus making it more enjoyable for users.

BI and Real-Time Analytics: The Key To Unlock Prosperity

For an iGaming software provider to stand out and make a difference, compared to dozens of similar web pages in the field, they have to know what their already built base of loyal customers wants. For that occasion, iGaming platforms now offer real-time analysis of the software’s endless database. The concept of doing this efficiently is storing the entire data in a warehouse, integrating a BI tool to “dig and find” the most critical data. Afterward, this data is processed to extract pointers for the user’s behavior and predictions on the future, compared to the real-time opportunities on the market. iGaming platform providers using software over five years old will need to update if they want to stay in business and provide their users with a secure and safe gambling platform.