Game-Changing Tech To Watch Out For In The Next Five Years

Every single jump forward in technology we’ve made in history has taken less time than the last. It took humans hundreds of years to go from bronze to iron, but less than a hundred years between the first flight and landing on the Moon. The switch from giant brick phones to flip phones to smartphones took only a handful of years, and now everyone is constantly on the lookout for the latest innovations that are dropping every single year!

Here’s a rundown of some of the most interesting new tech you may be able to buy in the next five years.

Portable VR

VR is one of the biggest technologies of recent years, being integrated into a massive range of different entertainment and learning platforms. It’s currently being used for simulations of ancient history, immersive TV productions, and even modern casino games. For instance, slot titles like Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt are a new wave of VR-integrated games joining the more classic titles like Starburst and the Sugar Rush slot, creating immersive experiences never seen before. 

The biggest issue with VR, however, has always been that it’s a very bulky piece of equipment, and even the wireless versions that have recently emerged are a lot more cumbersome than would be ideal for a really portable device. The next step is to make the tech smaller and smaller, so don’t be surprised if we start seeing VR more on the size of sunglasses within five years.

3D Printing

Anyone who has ever lost a single tiny part of a kit when building furniture, or needed one small piece to fix a machine, will see the incredible potential behind 3D printing. Until recently, a 3D printer was a piece of equipment reserved for scientific institutions or up on the International Space Station, but recent years have seen the prices tumble and the availability go way up.

With that said, a full home setup will still set you back somewhere around $500, and that’s before you get printing material like resin or filament. With that said, each generation of machine, which for reference comes through every few years, has become more compact and more refined in the same way as smartphones or the VR headsets we mentioned previously. Within five years, it’s entirely possible that a 3D printer will become as essential a piece of household equipment as paper printers once were.


Before we start, we’re not going to claim that you’re going to have a personal robot butler within the next five years. With that said, we don’t think it will be much further off. Robots in general are already embedded in many parts of our lives, whether that’s the humble Roomba or the drones that have quickly become a fairly regular spectacle. If you want to know how popular robots are right now, just look at the absolutely unique Throwflame Thermonator, a robot dog with a flamethrower for reasons that aren’t entirely clear.

Between this drive and the rise of AI, having more robots in our homes isn’t as far off as some expect.  They may be walking our dogs, collecting the mail, or just washing plates, but we think we’ll be seeing many more ideas hit the shelves soon.

The best thing about gadgets, however, is that there’s no way of knowing just how far things will advance in a few short years. Robots, 3D printers, and VR headsets may be the tech of the future now, but we may end up buying a new bit of tech in five years’ time that we can’t even imagine today.