Great Parenting With a Great Baby Crib

As many parents would agree, watching the little one tossing and turning peacefully in their bed while asleep is one of the greatest pleasures of parenting. Though many parents prefer putting their babies in baby bassinets for the first six months, it is perfectly fine for your newborn to sleep in their small bed from day one.

However, selecting the perfect crib for your baby is one of the toughest decisions to make, putting into consideration the many available models available in the market today. Are you a parent looking forward to purchasing a baby crib but stuck on where to start?

This article will provide you more information on baby cribs and all you’ll be required to know to help you in great parenting.

What are some of the types of baby cribs available?

  • Regular crib – Regular crib is the most common crib in the market. It is a traditional type with simple and no additional features.
  • Convertible crib – commonly known as the “lifetime crib”, Convertible crib is designed to be converted from a baby crib to a toddler bed, and later to a full-sized bed. With this feature, your baby can transit through childhood to adulthood with the convertible crib.
  • Portable crib – A portable crib is designed with wheels to allow its movement. Also referred to as the “mini crib” the portable crib can be folded into a smaller size for easier storage.
  • Combo crib – A combo crib is a new model crib that comes attached with a changing table for your baby alongside.
  • Travel crib – this is a lightweight type of crib that can be carried along everywhere you go. It can be folded to a very small size for easier carrying.

Factors to consider when selecting the best crib

  • Safety – Safety is the number one concern while making a crib purchase. Choosing a crib with tight frames, and adjustable mattress height for easy picking would be the best.
  • Size of the crib – Going for a crib that would fit the space in your house would be necessary to avoid any inconveniences while trying to fit it into place. Additionally, the correct size would allow your baby enough crib space while growing.
  • Type of the crib – Different types of cribs serve different types of purposes. Going for the best crib suited to satisfy your specific need would be the best choice.
  • Price of the crib – picking a crib that fits into your budget would be the best option to take home.
  • The shape of the crib – with the availability of different shapes and designs of baby cribs, picking one that would suit your nursery would be perfect. However, this factor is limited for those with customized baby nurseries in their homes.

How important is a baby crib?

  • Comfort – With a quality crib, your baby is guaranteed comfort as there is enough space for him to toss and turn while asleep, unlike sleeping in an adult bed.
  • Safety – With a crib, your child will be assured safety from adult bed-related accidents like suffocation or strangulation
  • Independent sleeping – With a crib, your child will most likely develop independent sleeping skills like learning to fall asleep on his own.