Health Benefits Of Coffee vs. Tea

Health benefits of Tea Vs. Coffee, since decades, the most common and unanswered debate is raising the head in our society. Tea or Coffee? Which one best? Which one is good for your health? What are the health benefits of Tea and Coffee? In this blog, we tried to solve the common issue between Tea and Coffee by enlightening the benefits of both.

Tea Vs. Coffee: The Healthier Choice

Tea Vs. Coffee: The Healthier Choice

Since decades, the reputation of Tea is increased and spotless. Even health-conscious teams are also referring to Tea as an energy drink. But does that mean Coffee is out of the race? Its reputation is much messier. It reminds the reference of nutrition towards an egg. First, it says ‘No’, the ‘Yes’. While Tea is a lot healthier than a little Java, Coffee is an underdog. But its potential to improve the health has been underestimated.

Tea Vs. Coffee: The Aromatic Taste

Aromatic Taste

When we think about Tea and Coffee, the first thing that comes to our mind is Taste. Coffee is available in different parts of the world, but most of it is strong and quite bitter. It is more acidic than Tea. It means, Coffee may harm in different person’s stomach, potentially may cause heartburn, acid reflux, etc. But experts from UrbanBeanCoffee claim that there are many varieties of low acid coffee. If we talk about Tea, there are endless varieties of the team available in the market. They come from evergreen plants. But some tea does not come from leaves of the plat. Green Tea, the most popular Tea in the market, being produced from the root of the tree. You can have Herbal teas which come from roots and other plants, but you cannot expect the nutrition value as compared with Tea from leaves.

Tea Vs. Coffee: Caffeine Content

Coffee: Caffeine Content

Coffee Contains Caffeine content which blocks the adenosine, a neurotransmitter responsible for brain signaling the rest time, results in energy gain to the body. That is why we need Coffee after a sleepy lunch or early morning wake up. As compared with Tea, Coffee has a large amount of Caffeine.

Tea Vs Coffee: Better Energy Boost


In the previous section, we discussed about the Caffeine amount in Coffee and Tea. Coffee has twice amount of Caffeine as compared with Tea. But it also affects your every level. Coffee is the quick jolt of energy as it quickly absorbed in your body system. You can feel the effect instantly after having Coffee. Tea contains among acid call L-theanine. It lowers the absorption speed of Caffeine into your body. It is also able to cross the blood-brain barrier and stimulate the neurotransmitter.