10 Healthy Junk Food Alternatives To Satisfy Your Biggest Cravings

Junk foods are not good for health. These foods lead to an increase in fat and cholesterol in the body which is not good for the heart. But there are some healthy junk food alternatives to satisfy your biggest cravings. You make these snacks at home. No need to order your junk foods like Pizza, burgers from online. No need to spend so many bucks on such unhealthy food. You have all the healthy ingredients at your home to make healthy junk food alternatives.

10 Healthy Junk Food Alternatives:

Here is the list of junk foods and their alternatives to satisfy the biggest cravings. Check out the list and stay healthy.

1. Instead of French Fries… Try…Baked Sweet Potato Fries

dish 1

2. Instead of Apple Pies… Try… Baked Apples

dish 2

3. Instead of Cheese Puffs… Try… Cheese Crisps

dish 3

4. Instead of Guacamole… Try… Fresh Salsa

dish 4

5. Instead of Bagel Chips… Try… Seeded Crackers

dish 5

6. Instead of Frozen Yogurt… Try… Yogurt Bark

dish 6

7. Instead of Soda… Try… Kombucha

dish 7

8. Instead of Potato Chips… Try… Kale Chips

9. Instead of Candy Bars… Try… Chocolate Covered Almonds

dish 9

10. Instead of Smoothie… Try… Green Juice

dish 10