Here’s How to Buy the Right Mountain Cycle for your Kid this Festive Season

You may not think that metros are conducive to cycling, but cycling in Indian metros has risen. Cycling has become a trend with people of all ages, primarily children and teenagers. Furthermore, with a boost in the Indian bicycle industry, with brands like the Firefox Bikes and  Avon cycle making a strong statement, the advent of cycling coaches has come about as well. 

Many Cycles, Many Takers

Cycles are getting faster, lighter and better overall with each passing year. They look cool as well, so children of any age love the style quotient attached to them. For the first time in a long time, Indian cycling enthusiasts can access the best cycles in the world in India, besides counting on the Indian cycle industry to meet their cycling requirements. Nonetheless, better bikes mean price hikes. The most expensive cycles — and these fall in the category of high-speed cycles and mountain cycles — can retail for up to 30 lakh INR! If you want to buy a mountain cycle, price-conscious as you may be, you must be willing to purchase one after evaluating it for its quality.

You can easily buy the best models from places like the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store by using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. Prepare yourself for an online festive experience as you shop with big savings at the time of Navratri, getting cashback vouchers up to 5,000 INR. Post-lockdown has seen an increase in cycle sales, so this is the time to avail offers at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. With new foldable bikes and the ability of cars and SUVs to take your bike to far-flung places so you can have a nice mountain bike ride, the mountain cycle is currently topping the charts and acts as the ideal gift for your kid. 

Where Do You Start? 

A mountain cycle or a mountain bike (an MTB) is a bicycle that is ridden on rough terrain rather than on smooth road surfaces. You have to consider that all mountain bikes are not created identical, and there are literally hundreds of different types to pick from. The first thing you should begin with is research on what kinds are available. From brands like Firefox Bikes to the Avon cycle, you get an array of options to suit specific mountain biking needs. Here are some tips based on the types you get and features to look for in the market today.

  • Downhill Bikes – These are often referred to as ‘specialized bikes’ that are tough enough to tackle the toughest terrains. Cycles that are built strong and are made for speed with the right amount of balance fall in this category. The whole bike frame of a downhill bike is robust, making this cycle heavier than other mountain bikes. These bikes go at high speeds while riding downhill and are pushy enough to handle challenging uphill slopes. 
  • Trail Bikes – You can make out from the name of these that they are built for trails and rough ground. Consequently, these bikes have thick tyres and can take the wear and tear of rocky surfaces. With a stiff frame, these bikes are equipped with superlative suspension and give you extra control and great saddle comfort while you ride. 
  • Cross-Country Bikes – Among the highest in mountain cycle price ranges, these cycles are designed to take you far and wide, and are suited for long rides. With easy pedalling, this type of cycle is fit for mountain biking and city riding. It is also lightweight and gives you a great deal of flexibility and manoeuvrability. It does well as a racing cycle as well as a mountain cycle.
  • All-Mountain Bikes – Structured for endurance, these bikes come with front suspension and rear suspension. Rigid terrain is easily tackled as a result. You can consider this cycle for primarily uphill riding locations. 
  • Dirt Jump Bikes – If you want a big, solid cycle, you can go in for a dirt jump bike. Mainly used by cyclists who perform all sorts of acrobatics, these bikes sustain themselves well on rough roads too. Nonetheless, unless you’re a proficient rider and can manipulate bikes very easily, this bike isn’t for the faint-hearted novice as it’s built on the larger side. 

The Best Bikes to Buy

India boasts some of the best-branded mountain bikes you can buy today, whether it’s an Avon cycle or a Hercules bike. Nonetheless, some tips you need to consider while making your purchase should permit you to buy the best mountain cycle for your kid. Always look for full suspension (front and rear) for more control. You also get bikes that are rigid, and that means no suspension at all. Hardtail bikes have suspension only in the front, and some proficient bikers don’t mind this. Additionally, your saddle (seat) should be comfortable for you and the handlebars should be standard and straight as these are good for managing coarse ground riding. Another important aspect to look for is accurate braking systems that help you slow down and stop acceleration with ease.

You can buy a good mountain cycle from a wide range of options at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, where you can purchase the cycle on No Cost EMIs by employing the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. Your bike becomes even more affordable if you secure the purchase this festive season and avail 30% cashback as a gift voucher.