Home vs. Dorm: Which Is Better to Choose?

So, you are just about to start your college life. That must be exciting. Becoming a college student is a very special moment in every person’s life. But, the truth is that along with many positive aspects, becoming a student also brings in a number of challenges into your life.

Facing different college issues, students most often can find an easy way to deal with them. For example, if there is an academic issue, students can turn to a reliable essay writing service and let professionals take care of their assignments. But, there is one pre-college issue that no one can help you solve. It is the choice of whether to live in a dorm or stay at home. 

If you are facing this dilemma right now, keep reading to find out about the key pros and cons of every option, and finally, make up your mind!

The Pros and Cons of Staying at Home

One of the most obvious and cheapest ways to ensure that you will always have a place to stay while being at college is to stay at home. Clearly, this option is not always possible, especially if there are no colleges in your area.

But, in case there are suitable schools, and you can get into one, here are some of the main perks of staying at your parents’ house:

  • It’s cheaper – First and foremost, living with your parents during college is the most pocket-friendly accommodation option. If you pick it, you won’t have to pay extra for rental, utilities, food, etc. So, it is a great way to save some money.
  • It’s healthier – There is no secret that living in a dorm is often associated with poor sleep, poor eating, and lots of partying, which can also mean lots of alcohol. Needless to say that such a way of living is not really healthy. But, if you stay at home, most likely, your parents won’t be okay with you leading a non-healthy lifestyle. So, there is a huge benefit for your health.
  • It’s less stressful – Every student experience a certain level of homesickness during the first year at college. Clearly, you can avoid this if you don’t move out. Apart from this, being surrounded by your family can help you get the so-needed support and, thus, reduce stress, which is definitely a huge plus.

Now, what about the cons? Though it can sound like a perfect option, living with parents during college also has certain drawbacks. First of all, it restricts your freedom. If you stay at home, every time you want to go to a party or ask someone “please, write my paper for me ,” you will have to consider your parents’ opinions on everything you want to do, which can really kill the fun of college life.

Apart from this, there are a few other cons, such as the lack of on-campus social life, the need for more transportation, and the inability to get the full college experience.

The Pros and Cons of Living in a Dorm

Living in a dorm, on the contrary, is a much different experience compared to staying in your parents’ house.

The biggest disadvantage of this option is the cost. Students have to realize that once they move out of their parents’ houses, they will have to take full financial responsibility for their lives. It means paying for your own dorm room, food, and other related expenses.

Another con is that you might be feeling a bit (or very) homesick during the first year in a dorm. However, no matter how hard this can get emotionally, the perks of living in a dorm typically outweigh the cons.

So, here are some of the major benefits of choosing this option:

  • Full freedom of actions;
  • More opportunities for socializing and making friends;
  • Quick access to everything located on the campus;
  • Reduced cost of transportation.

Apart from all of this, there is one more benefit. Dorm living is simply fun! When you live in a dorm, you can access all campus activities, events, and parties with ease, which means you will be able to make the most of your college life.

One more thing we have to tell you is that apart from staying at home and moving to a dorm, there is also one more option that you have – you can rent an apartment or house. However, in this article, we are not going to focus much on this option. The truth is that though it will give you more personal space, renting an apartment combines the cons of living with parents and in a dorm because it increases transportation costs, limits your access to campus events, and is also expensive.

The Bottom Line

So, what is better for a student to stay at home, rent an apartment, or live in a dorm? After reading this article, you should better understand all the perks and drawbacks of each option. As you can guess, there is no one correct answer that would suit everyone.

Given the fact that every accommodation opportunity has its own benefits and cons, the only way to make the best choice is to carefully assess every option and find one that fits your needs most. Use this article as your guide. But, be sure to make the final decision based on what feels right for you.

This way, you will never make a mistake!