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How COVID has permanently changed society


Good or bad, some things in society have been permanently changed due to COVID.  Due to closures, people found in-door activities that they possibly hadn’t partaken in before – more video games, more internet entertainment like playing online casino games with a hot Intertops casino bonus, even the old-time fav of reading.

Buses and other public transportation

Before COVID, people would enter the bus in the front, and pay at the driver’s location.  Now people enter the bus from either the front or the back, and they use a machine to just scan their bus card.  There are even applications where you can scan a QR code that is displayed in numerous locations around the bus and you pay for the ride through an app.

It is nice that people can enter the bus from either the front or the back.  It is also nice to just be able to pay at numerous locations on the bus.  Scanning your bus card is simple and convenient.

Using the app is also nice, because you never have to worry about your bus card running out of money.  Another advantage of the bus paying app is that you scan (pay for your bus ride) while you are sitting on your seat.  Between  good quality cameras on phones and a well designed application, the bus QR codes can be scanned from half way down the bus.

As for masks on public buses, most people no longer wear masks while riding public transportation.  However, I do see elderly people and a few others wearing masks on the buses and trains.

Doctor’s office and pharmacy

Doctor’s offices and pharmacies want everybody who visits them to wear a mask.  This makes sense, because who is going to be talking to a doctor or a pharmacist.  It is going to be somebody who  is sick or is with somebody who is sick.  Even if one believes that masks are useless for COVID (“mosquito going through a chain link fence”), masks do work for the influenza virus (flu) and standard colds.

Telemedicine is another area of advancement that is not going to go away.  When a sickness is obvious, and you just need a doctor to okay anti-biotics (or tell you that antibiotics will do nothing), being able to talk to a doctor while not having to leave your house is a good thing.  And if the sickness is not obvious, the doctor will tell you that you have to come in or if things are serious to go to the emergency clinic or the hospital.

Plastic barrier for customer support people

One of the recommended items for customer support people during COVID was to place a plastic barrier on the desk.  Even though COVID is not as dangerous as it was 3 years ago, the plastic barrier can still help reduce the spread of standard colds and flus.

Summary of COVID pros on society

Even though nothing can prevent the spread of COVID, colds, or flus, for myself personally, I see a lot less people who are showing obvious signs of sickness on public transportation and in stores.

COVID masks for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and all kids below the age of 3rd grade

Yes, children are germ magnets.  When a person accepts a job as a teacher, they are accepting this fact.

Even if it was at all physically possible to keep masks on babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and kids through 2nd grade, masks on any child below the age of 8 always has been and always will be a really bad idea.

Teachers love it, because the kids are not spreading the standard cold and flu germs to them.

However, the social damage that is being done to these children can never be repaired.  There is a set time limit on when our brains are designed specifically to master our native language.  It is before the age of 5.  If you take that away, it can never be given back.  It is just not how the human body was designed.

Below the age of 3rd grade, children are learning how to read and write.  Keeping masks on children in this age group makes that already difficult task of learning to read and write even more difficult.  it is like putting a stumbling block in front of a blind man.

As of September 9, 2022, all Head Start preschool programs are forcing children (toddler and preschoolers) to wear masks.

If you do not believe this is still happening, even after 3 years of COVID, just read the “Face Mask Head Start” article form the Health and Human Services own website.

What the United States did wrong with their COVID approach, preschools and Head Start Programs

In Israel, the government took the approach that freedom was the standard, and anything that took away freedom was the exception.  Any restrictions on freedom, or mask mandates, or green card / vaccination requirements, had to have set time limits in them.  If those restrictions needed to be extended, the government officials had to go before a committee of health professionals, economic people, education people, and social workers to start their case as to why the restrictions needed to be implemented or extended.

In the United States, it was the exact opposite.  The government restricted people’s freedom, and the citizens were then required to “fight the government” to get their freedoms back.

Head Start Preschools are a prime example of this.  Instead of saying, “At the beginning of each school year, there are no restrictions”.

The government is working with the position of:

“3 years ago the government put in place a mask mandate that required 2 year olds to wear masks, and it is just too much effort to take away that requirement that the government is going to continue to force 2 year olds to wear masks.”

So essentially what the United States government is telling us is that it is really easy to take away US Citizen’s freedoms, and since it is just not worth the time and energy to give them back.

Execute orders that have nothing to do with COVID, but are now allowed by the government simply saying the word “COVID”

On August 24, 2022, the Biden administration wrote an excutive order that said that student loans would be forgiven for $10,000 for anybody making less than $125k/year (every college graduate within their first 5 years of graduating) and $20k if you got pell grants.

Regardless of if you think student loans should or should not be forgiven, “the President of the United States” does not control the purse strings.  That is something that only the House can do.  The US Constitution was designed that way, so that no one individual can control the money.

But Biden got around this by simply saying the word COVID.

When the government has that much power, to do whatever they want, no matter the costs, no matter the consequences, and the people have to fight to get their freedoms back, why would any government official ever give up such power?

If I had that much power, I know that I would never give it up.  I just have to say the word COVID and I get unlimited spending on whatever I want – no limits, no oversight, no more having to compromise with the “other side”.

Even those of us who would say that they would only use their power for good and not for evil, would be hard pressed to give up such power.

So, does anybody believe that either side would give up such power willingly, and the only thing it would cost them is the very foundation of what makes America, America … our freedoms.