How Many Exams Are There In CCNP In 2021?

CCNP or Cisco Certified Network Professional course is the best for IT professionals. But they must have possessed or gained at least one year of experience in networking or a similar field. Besides that, the professionals seeking a CCNP course and its exams should have a diploma certificate or a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Under this training program, professionals learn about implementing, maintaining, and planning a wide range of network solutions. 

And before jumping to the exams to be given in the course, learn about the basics. The entire information will help you decide which exam to give and at what time. 

Some of the courses taught under this program are:

  • Cisco remote access
  • Scalable internet works
  • Cisco multilayer switching
  • Cisco advanced routing

When do professionals choose this course?

IT and networking professionals might have different needs to give CCNP exams in 2021. 

Most of them are doing it to:

  • Sharpen their knowledge on troubleshooting, maintenance, and installation of WAN and LAN systems. 
  • These IT professionals already have basic training and knowledge of 100 to 500 node systems. 
  • The networking professionals are familiar with protocols, ethernet, infrared, routing, switching, and similar concepts.

What’s the benefit of CCNP exams in 2021?

Usually, practice exams get conducted when one is enrolled in a CCNP certification course. Besides that, there are main exams as well. These exams help the candidate in:

  • Sharpening their Cisco IP network knowledge. 
  • Testing their Cisco networking and switching topics knowledge. 
  • Helping faculty gather the information on students’ troubleshoot ability. 
  • These exams test the student or candidate on their maintenance, installation, and controlling skills of IP technologies. 

Brief on each CCNP exam to take in 2021:

While pursuing the CCNP exam course, note that there are 3 exams you have to clear. 

  • 300-101 Route exam
  • 300-115 Switch exam
  • 300-135 TSHOOT exam

Similarly, for clearing our CCNP enterprise exam, there are two exams that you got to clear. 

One is a core exam. Another is the concentration or specialization exam. 

The detailed info on the core exam:

350-401 ENCOR:

This exam is about Implementing CISCO Enterprise Network Core (ENCOR) Technologies. This exam is also part of other CISCO exams. These are mainly Cisco Certified Specialist, CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, and CCIE Enterprise Wireless. 

This course/exam helps the candidate learn how to configure, troubleshoot, or even manage the entire enterprise network system. This can be wired or wireless. It depends on the individual organization you work at. 

Then, you also implement the principles learned throughout the course by building and managing enterprise networks. 

This course especially teaches you the basics of switching and routing. It’s best for:

  • Network engineers,
  • Network administrators,
  • Help desk technicians,
  • Mid-level network engineers.

Some of the concentration exams are given below:

300-410 ENARSI:

This course explains the Implementing CISCO Enterprise Advanced Routing and Switching (ENARSI) services. This is version one of the ENARSI exam. Next year, there might be another version with slight updates. 

Under this exam, candidates learn and are tested on their ability to configure, install, operate, and troubleshoot management of the enterprise network. This course is one step ahead in the field of routing and switching. 

It’s the best exam for:

  • System engineers,
  • Network administrators,
  • System administrators,
  • Enterprise engineers.

300-415 ENSDWI:

This exam entails Implementing CISCO’s SD-WAN (ENDSWI) solutions. It’s a second version of the original ENDSWI exam. Candidates learn to set up a large-scale live network. They also learn and test their knowledge of migrating networks from WAN to SD-WAN. 

You, as a candidate, will learn and then test the skill of routing protocols. These will be in different data centers and branches. You will also learn and give tests on advanced learnings of advanced controls and data management of the network policies. 

This is the best exam for:

  • System installers,
  • Network administrators,
  • System integrators,
  • Solution designers.

300-420 ENSLD:

Under this version 1.1 exam, candidates learn ENSLD, Designing CISCO Enterprise Networks. Your designing and creative skills will be put to use in this course and exam.

Discover this info here for enhancing your knowledge about this course and similar other exams for CCNP certification. 

Otherwise, know that you will use your best skills and technical prowess to design an entire enterprise network. This will include campus network, security service network, defined access network, and more. 

It’s the best for:

  • Network engineers,
  • Network designers,
  • System designers.