How much making a will online costs

For you to have a last will and testament written, you need assistance from your lawyer to help you plan your estate appropriately. But what if you do not have a lawyer? Or any expert that can help you, for that matter? Well, you no longer have to worry about it. Fortunately, there are now online legal firms whose sole purpose is to provide accessible and convenient will writing services to those who need it but cannot afford an attorney.

For you to better understand how this works, we will share with you some pros and cons of writing your will online with the help of licensed solicitors.

What are the pros and cons of making a will online? 


Very accessible

Anyone that has a gadget and internet connection can have a will made online. Firms’ websites are practically accessible to anyone and are often user-friendly. If you do not know any online solicitors who offer will writing services, just google it, and we are sure a lot will come up.

Convenient services

Instead of physically meeting a lawyer that could assist you in setting up your last will, you can actually just sit on your couch, pick up your device, and do it all online. You do not have to go out and travel, as you can do everything in just one sitting and just wait for them to ship the document to your home.

No need to hire a lawyer

As we mentioned many times, with online wills, you no longer have to hire a lawyer to discuss with them, which is cost-effective to those who cannot afford to hire one.

Affordable fixed rates

Rates for services that provide assistance writing your will are pretty much affordable to anyone. There are firms that offer single wills for less than £40. 

The firm provides templates.

If you have no idea how a will is written, that will not be an issue with online will services as the solicitors will provide the template for you. All you need to do is fill out the form.

A qualified solicitor will guide you.

A trained and licensed UK solicitor will help you and guide you on what you should do throughout the process.

The process very quick

The entire process of making a will online is quick and easy. It would not take much time to fill out the form, and depending on the firm, a solicitor can be done reviewing your document in less than 24 hours. By then, your document will be ready.

Your document will remain stored online.

You will have an account on their website where you can organize and manage the documents, like your will, that you made with them. You can access them anytime, and you can guarantee that your copy remains secured.


You need an internet connection.

One downside in creating your will online is that you need to have a stable internet connection. When accessing the documents, the internet is necessary as well.

Additional fees for printing and shipping

Depending on the firm’s guidelines, some require separate payment for the printing and shipping the hard copy of your will.

Is making a will online worth it? 100

Deciding whether or not writing your will online is more worth it than doing it the traditional way depends on how you weigh the pros and cons we just mentioned. Some prefer talking to a lawyer and physically process their will, but others would instead do it the easier way, which is through online services.

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