How Much Money Will the Winner of the Qatar World Cup Earn?

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is right around the corner, and fans and bettors spanning the globe are waiting with bated breath for kickoff to finally begin. This year’s tournament is unique for a variety of reasons. For starters, it is the first-ever World Cup played during the winter. It is also the first World Cup set in the Middle East. It is going to be a very different atmosphere than other tournaments and promises ceaseless excitement and the possibility of glory for players and teams. Winners of the World Cup earn a spot in history, the love of their nation, and substantial payments that will benefit the development of future teams.

Prize money is handed out to many of the teams that play in the World Cup, with a scale that rises according to how teams perform. This adds a layer to the excitement fans already feel. Bettors have circled the World Cup on their calendar, heading to their favorite sites to check the sportsbook bonus Canada offers. Fans flock to the biggest operators like Bodog to place wagers on their favorite teams, hoping to also hit the jackpot alongside the teams that earn major paydays. The rewards for both fans and teams will be significant at this year’s World Cup. Let’s look at what FIFA will offer winning teams at this year’s tournament.

This year’s prize allocation by FIFA is significantly bigger than ever before. The amount of money the winning team can earn has increased dramatically. The winner of the World Cup will receive the additional prize money of $42 million. This is a new record, $4 million more than the winners of the 2018 World Cup, France, received. This number has grown every year. Only 20 years ago, in 2002, the World Cup-winning team only received $8 million.

Overall, FIFA is distributing a whopping $440 million in prize money for this year’s World Cup. That is another big boost from the 2018 World Cup’s prize revenue. It is a $40 million increase and a record-setting amount and is nearly $100 million more than what was handed out in the 2014 World Cup. While it likely won’t change how much players want to win, as they are dead set on leading their countries to victory regardless, it will be a nice little added incentive.

Many of the teams that play in the World Cup will walk away with at least some winnings. In fact, every team that plays will earn money. The prize distribution is that teams that exit the tournament in the group stage will earn $9 million. The teams that lose in the first round of the knockout round will earn $13 million. The teams that lose in the quarterfinals will earn $17 million. The fourth-place team will earn $25 million, while the third-place team will earn $27 million. Finally, the team that loses in the finals will earn $30, while the victor will earn $42 million, as mentioned.

You are probably wondering what portion of the money players will receive if their team wins. Some savvy bettors are trying to find which teams have players that are motivated so they can scramble off to their favorite betting sites to place bets. The truth is it is dependent on each country. Every country chooses to reward their players differently out of the prize funds they receive. Most choose to keep that information to themselves, although it has been announced that Australia will pay their players AU$226,000 each, with the opportunity to receive more if they reach the later rounds. 

These incentives are exciting, and they add another reason for players to go out and compete, as not only can they earn glory, but they can earn riches beyond what most can imagine. There are several teams that appear most likely to compete for the $42 million winning prize. Experts have a few teams pegged as likely contenders from the field of 32 teams that have made the tournament. France, the victors of the 2018 World Cup, return incredible players and are led by Kylian Mbappe and Karim Benzema. Brazil has the best odds to win this year, with an attack led by Neymar and rising superstar Vinicius Junior. Argentina is tied with France for the best odds, and the deep team may send legend Messi out of his international career on the highest note possible.

There may not be a sporting event in the world more impactful than the World Cup. It is only natural that the stakes are incredibly high for this tournament, with a lot of money on the line. This year’s World Cup will have a record-breaking pot of prize money, giving teams and players all the more incentive to chase the most important trophy in international sports. It will add to the uniqueness of what is already poised to be a one-of-a-kind World Cup.