How Period Underwear Can Make You Feel Better

Although many people are still reliant on pads and tampons during their periods, period underwear is becoming a more popular option, especially with the younger generations. If you’re interested in what period underwear can do for you and how it can improve your health, read on to find out more. 

Decreases Risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome

Tampons are useful but they carry a number of risks, such as the danger of toxic shock syndrome, which can be fatal. If you’re worried about toxic shock syndrome, and this is preventing you from using tampons, period underwear might be the best option for you as this ensures that no foreign objects are going into your body and that you can instantly see when your underwear needs to be changed. 

Period underwear can also be a more comfortable option for those who struggle to insert tampons or who find them a nuisance. If you’re interested in how period underwear can help to improve your quality of life when you’re on your period and improve your health during this time of the month, you should consider looking at the possible underwear styles for periods that you can try. 

Improves Mental Health

Your mental health can often take a nosedive when you’ve got your period due to the hormonal changes in your body, as well as the physical symptoms and side effects of your period, which can be severe. Not only this, but you might also struggle with your self-image and confidence when you have your period because you feel that you can’t wear the clothes that you like or because you’re worried about leaks. Your hair and skin might also take on a different texture, and you may be prone to acne breakouts. Period underwear can be a game-changer for your mental health as it can ensure that you forget all about your period and that you don’t constantly have to think about it or check yourself for leaks. 

Allows You to Exercise

If you’re passionate about sports and exercise, you might be frustrated when your period comes around, especially if it leaves you in a lot of pain or if it’s incredibly heavy. However, period underwear can allow you to exercise with peace of mind by ensuring that leaks are kept to a minimum, even if you’re out for long hours and moving around a lot. In fact, exercising during your period can be beneficial to you as it can reduce pain, create a distraction, and improve your overall mood. 

Prevents Infections and Irritation

Period underwear can also limit the irritation that you might sometimes experience when using menstrual products, especially since pads can cause you to feel sore and itchy, especially if you have sensitive skin and the pads in question are fragranced. 

Period underwear can reduce the need to have to place a plastic pad in your underwear for a week or more, and they may be able to reduce the risk of infection by being more breathable and by avoiding the build-up of bacteria that pads can sometimes cause.