How the Feds are Intervening in a U.S. Deadly Truck and Car Accident Epidemic

Car and truck accidents have always occurred on a daily basis in big U.S. cities like New York and Los Angeles. But lately, they’ve been occurring with far more frequency resulting in serious injury and even death. 

Even superstar bodybuilder and actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was recently involved in a pickup truck accident in Los Angeles that seriously injured an innocent passenger in the car he T-boned. But most accidents in L.A. involve much bigger trucks like semis and 18-wheelers. 

Say the professionals at The Barnes Firm, a truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles, if you live in a mega city like Los Angeles or a similar U.S. city, and you utilize the location’s freeway systems, it’s a sure bet you will be sharing the road with 18-wheelers and semi-trucks. While truck drivers are specially trained to navigate congested roadways, accidents happen and many of them can result in “devastating” consequences.     

In fact, deadly accidents involving big trucks aren’t limited to Los Angeles. Nor are they limited to big trucks. But they are happening all over the country at record rates. Deadly vehicular accidents involving cars, pickup trucks, semi-trucks, motorcycles, and more are spiking to the extent that the federal government is planning an intervention. 

According to a new report by the Los Angeles Times, Pete Buttigieg, U.S. Transportation Secretary, has released a plan that is said to reengineer existing roads, limit speeds, and make a concerted effort for more safety regulations and features. 

Sources says he has made a vow to put a real dent in vehicular fatalities, which includes collisions with big rigs, only weeks after Los Angeles realized a significant spike in deadly crashes on it’s “traffic-clogged roads.”  

National Roadway Safety Strategy

Dubbed, the National Roadway Safety Strategy, the plan is said to be paid for by Biden’s $1 trillion infrastructure bill. It promises to reduce roadway fatalities to an impossible zero. 

By incorporating what’s termed a “safe system approach” which is said to recognize human error along with “physical frailty,” the newly engineered transportation plan would minimize the chance for serious injury and/or death during a vehicular collision. 

Federal data issued only weeks ago prove that fatalities have skyrocketed nationwide under the Biden regime, or so Buttigieg who is fresh off a multi-month, paid “parental leave,” communicated to the Associated Press.   

Buttigieg went on to say that things aren’t looking good, and he is seriously concerned about the trend. It’s the transportation secretary’s opinion that the vehicular violence has become normalized over the years. That said, even though the pandemic has led to less drivers on the road, the amount of collisions resulting in serious injury and death has only increased. 

L.A.’s Traffic Collision Epidemic

Statistics show that close to 300 people in L.A. County were killed in vehicular collisions in 2021. That’s said to be a 24 percent increase from 2020. The amount of pedestrians and bicyclists who were killed by cars and trucks has also spiked.  

Say L.A. officials in charge, the data points to drivers distracted by cellphones, reckless driving, and speeding as the major culprits. Some officials say modern cars are heavier than old models and therefor more dangerous. 

Still others suggest that the “defund the police” movement which was originally supported and even publicly touted by Governor Gavin Newsom, has resulted in far fewer citations handed out by police for traffic violations.   

The general manager of the L.A. Department of Transportation is quoted as saying that for generations in the U.S., drivers have made automobile/truck speed and capacity a major priority for the streets rather than the people. He is calling for a cultural shift that places safety first. His strategy includes federal funding efforts, timelines, and real action.  

The plan is considered a big win for big cities like L.A. where the safety first approach is said to have been implemented for years, despite the “defund the police” movement that resulted not only in far more frequent and serious auto and truck accidents, but also a general spike in overall crime. 

However, the general manager insists that with federal government money at his disposal, he and his local government colleagues have a better opportunity to address this new wave of vehicular violence that is not only tearing apart families, but entire communities.