How the Latest Casino Slots Are Updating the Genre

Slot games are found in just about every online casino, and many of the classics in this genre are simple but much-loved games. Yet, the companies that create these games are constantly looking for new ideas to make them interesting, and this means that many of the latest new releases have added fresh looks and ways of playing.

New Themes

When you search for online slot games in a casino, you’ll see that there are many different themes spread across the dozens of available titles. But the most commonly-used topics and images are present in several games, as they’ve proven to be popular with many players. However, the game developers who create them are always looking for any sort of original or under-used theme that could be fitted into their future releases.

In fact, the search for new themes that players will be interested in trying is one of the most important aspects of this industry. While some developers decide to stick to the classic slots imagery that we’re familiar with, others have decided to branch out into completely new areas, giving us unexpected games that don’t always fit in with our idea of what slots should be like.

A good example comes from the new Fire Archer game from Pragmatic Play, which has a medieval type of style featuring a main character at the side of the reels that brings the legendary archer Robin Hood to mind. Wilds and free spins provide it with a couple of the most traditional features but the use of an unusual theme helps to make it feel fresh and new.

Different Ways of Winning

The idea of completing a set of identical symbols to win a prize remains at the heart of slots, but this basic type of gameplay has been joined by other methods of winning that increase the variety in the gameplay. In this case, the Azteca Bonus Lines is a new slot that lets us see one of the ways in which this can be done.

Created by Playtech Origins, it’s a game that uses an interesting mechanic in which additional wins can be claimed when certain prize symbols land at the same time as a traditional winning line or add extra games during the free spins round.  This works in addition to the usual ways of winning, and it’s all automatic so that new players are awarded wins without having to claim them.

Unique Features

The range of features on slots has changed since they went online, and developers are still looking for ways to make these games unique and more rewarding. Our example, in this case, is the recently released Feeding Fury slot from Iron Dog Studio.

They’ve opted for a light-hearted fish theme, but the little creatures on the reels are in danger when a shark attack is launched. This is a feature that springs up at random and sees wild sharks eat all of the fish that get in their way.  A collector shark also picks up cash prizes by swallowing fish in another of the game’s features.

These areas all combine to create new takes on an age-old formula.