How to Convert BTC USDT?

Bitcoin is the leading digital asset in all crypto rankings on the Internet. Besides being the first crypto in history, it is the flagship coin that actually guides the entire market. You have probably noticed that when BTC drops, other less-known cryptos follow this trend. The same happened in spring 2022 when the BTC price fell due to several factors in the market. Then, all the rest of the crypto assets followed this downtrend.

However, the crypto market is cyclical, and we should not forget that the upward trend constantly changes the downtrend. In the crypto market, it is called “bullish” and “bearish” trends.

To find out the current BTC price, we can address a popular crypto platform WhiteBIT. The pair BTC USDT is now traded at $20,191 (mid-September 2022).

What Does BTC Value Depend on?

Here are some factors impacting the Bitcoin price:

  • The emission of coins is limited, that is why the demand for the assets is always supported.
  • The complexity of mining is increasing, which also keeps the BTC price relatively high.
  • News background and hype.
  • Global economy.
  • Demand and supply.

BTC USDT is one of the most popular crypto pairs traded on all crypto exchanges. What is USDT? It is a ticker for the Tether crypto. Tether is a stablecoin whose value is always steady, keeping around one dollar. So, in fact, the BTC USDT pair is traded at the BTC USD price.

Where Can I Buy BTC?

Bitcoin is available on all crypto platforms. We recommend using reliable and large exchanges such as WhiteBIT. The platform offers crypto-fiat pairs, for example, you can easily exchange BTC USD or in a reverse direction. Buying crypto assets with fiat currencies like USD is possible if you are a registered user. Registration and KYC usually take some time, but once it is completed, you get access to the complete functionality of the platform: buy with a bank card, unlimited withdrawals, staking, futures trading, maximum leverage, etc. The WhiteBIT exchange provides crypto charts and demo trading options.