How to Convert YouTube Playlist to MP3 Freely [3 Methods]

This complete guide teaches how to turn your best YouTube playlist into MP3. With the world shifting towards streaming platforms, having your favorite tunes available in a format as versatile as MP3 is crucial. Our guide is centered on ‘YouTube playlist to MP3,’ we offer you three free, easy, and seamless methods for Windows, MacOS XUCI online use, and Android usage.

To demystify the splitting-the-hairs of conversion YouTube playlist to MP3, we introduce Musify YouTube Downloader. This sledgehammer supports a plethora of video music websites for an expeditious and excellent transformation process. We also discover online solutions – such as for downloading in bulk and introduce the user-friendly YT Saver (For Android), which performs a seamless YouTube video conversion right from one’s mobile device. Unlock the freedom to enjoy your favorite playlists on any MP3-formatted platform with our step-by-step method. Goodbye to limitations: it’s a musical world at your fingertips.

How to Convert YouTube Playlist to MP3 on Windows&macOS

Musify YouTube Downloader is a versatile way to convert your YouTube playlist to MP3 effortlessly, and it works for both Windows and MacOS platforms. Musify provides a pleasant experience for the music-lovers with its easy user interface and powerful functions. Here’s a closer look at its main functions:

Supports 10,000+ Music Websites: Musify supports YouTube and other platforms, including Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, etc.

Diverse Output Formats: Pick one out of 8+ output formats such as MP3, M4A, MKA, WAV, and AAC to fit different devices and requirements.

Various Audio Qualities: Choose and personalize your listening experience with audio data traveling from as low as 64kbps to 320kbps.

One-Click Download: Click Streaming & Buy to download YouTube playlists, channels, and much more all in one button click for music lovers.

10x Faster Download and Conversion Speeds: Musify understands this well; this provider offers fast download and conversion speeds that will convert as many songs as possible without delay.

Here is the guide to convert YouTube Playlist to MP3 with Musify:

Step 1. Configure Output Settings

Turn on the Musify and choose MP3 as the output format; choose 320kbps for super-high-quality listening.

Step 2. Copy YouTube Video/Audio URL

Open the YouTube Playlist you want to download, then copy the URL.

Step 3. Paste URL and Initiate Download

  • Return to Musify.
  • Switch to the Paste URL tab.
  • Observe how the download starts automatically.

Step 4. Locate Downloaded Audio

When it is done – see your downloaded audio saved conveniently into [Downloaded].

Confirm Sound Quality: Check the properties of the downloaded audio to ensure that you achieve your best quality, as evidenced by a clean 320kbps.

Musify YouTube Downloader makes it a breeze to convert YouTube playlists into MP3 files and thus solidifies your music listening experience in Windows or MacOS. Freedom to Sound will allow music fans to access their favorite playlists anytime and anywhere.

How to Download Youtube Playlist to MP3 Online

For users seeking a convenient online solution to download YouTube playlists to MP3 in bulk, emerges as a reliable option. With a focus on efficiency and user-friendliness, this online platform simplifies the process, making it accessible. offers a range of features to enhance your online YouTube playlist to MP3 conversion experience:

Fast Downloading: You can download as many videos as you want at lightning speed.

No Limitations: Feel free to download as many videos as you want; there are no limits, and enjoy the service’s functionality.

Fully Secure: You can be calm, as far as is a safe website that has an SSL certificate active currently, which helps to encrypt all the data that passes by.

User-Friendly: The website is user-friendly and can easily be converted even by these users on the go, as it was tailored for mobile users.

Free to Use: Use the service for free; therefore, it is a simple tool to change YouTube playlists to MP3s.

Below are the steps to guide you through the YouTube playlist to MP3 conversion:

Step 1 Navigate to

Begin by visiting, your go-to destination for hassle-free YouTube playlist to MP3 conversions.

Step 2 Paste YouTube Playlist URL:

Copy the URL of the YouTube playlist you wish to convert to MP3. Paste the URL in the designated area on

Step 3 Select Download Options:

Explore the options provided by, including the choice to download videos with or without sound. Select your preferred video quality.

Step 4: Initiate Download:

Click on the download button to initiate the conversion process. Sit back and relax as efficiently processes your request.


iOS Users on Safari: This site works smoothly to download YouTube Playlists directly to MP3 for the Safari web browser that iOS users can use.

Experience efficiency mixed with user convenience in converting your online YouTube playlist to MP3 using Get the freedom to download your favorite playlists easily, anytime and anywhere.

How to download YouTube playlist to MP3 on Android

YT Saver for Android, Unlock the world of seamless YouTube playlists to MP3 on your Android. YouTube playlist to MP3 converter is also developed for quickness and time-saving interaction; ideally, this allows you to get your favorite stuff daily.

YT Saver for Android boasts a range of features that enhance your YouTube playlist to MP3 conversion experience:

Download Playlists in One Click: YT Saver for Android is a one-click process to download YouTube playlists and channels for Android users only.

Real-Time Livestream Downloads: Bookmark your favorite live streamers and ping them down. The extension will notify you whenever they go on air as soon as possible so you can watch first.

Flexible Video Editing: YT Saver for Android: Get Only Preferred Parts from your Favorite YouTube Videos to Your Android.

Batch Download from Multiple Sites: Besides YouTube, it allows downloading videos and audio from other platforms like FaceBook, Instagram, Spotify, etc.

Cloud Storage Integration: Plug your media files into Dropbox and Google Drive; you can access them from any Android, iPhone, or tablet.

Subtitle Support: YT Saver for Android offers more on top of your video stream app. Get a YouTube video with Subtitles in 50+ languages and have the best-watching quality.

Turbo-Fast Download Speed: Activate Turbo-Fast Mode and download 10 times faster, speeding up the process tenfold.

Privacy Protection: To enhance this, ensure a privatized video and music folder for security.

Here’s how you can make the most of YT Saver for Android on your Android device:


  1. Explore YT Saver for Android: The first thing that should be done is to determine what YT Saver for Android can do, as this is the right answer to how to convert YouTube playlists to MP3.
  2. Download the YT Saver App: Visit the official website and download the YT Saver app for Android. Click below to experience all the great features the app offers.
  3. Copy YouTube Playlist URL: Open the YouTube playlist you want to convert into MP3 from your Android device. The URL address can be copied from this bar.
  4. Paste URL and Initiate Conversion: The YT Saver app should be opened, “inserted” in the required window, and then click Convert to MP3. Let YT Saver do it for you.


Are you looking for a process to convert your best YouTube playlists to MP3? With Musify YouTube Downloader tools for Windows/MacOS, for online users, and YT Saver for Android devices, you can be flexible in your enjoyment of playlists now in the MP3 format. Whether you choose the rich features of Musify, high online accessibility via, or the mobile-friendly YT Saver, each way guarantees a smooth conversion from YouTube Playlist to MP3. With light-fast download speeds and extreme format support, Musify shines., on the other hand, facilitates online conversion, making it possible to download the entire playlist in one go. Also, lossless yet versatile, YT Saver is a one-stop Shop for YouTube Playlist to MP3 Conversion on the Go for Android Users.

Take advantage of the free entertainment of your choice whenever and wherever, and use them to enjoy your favorite tunes and augment your music experience. YouTube playlist to MP3 made easy—the world of music at your fingertips.