How To Create An App Like Yelp: Useful Tips

People are always looking for the greatest option. It influences, among other things, where one chooses to stay, shop, and eat. Applications like Yelp can be of great assistance here. Thanks to the reviews and ratings of actual customers, such software assists users in locating the best markets, cafes, and restaurants. 

Like any significant platform, Yelp has evolved and added new features. Users can now reserve a table and place a delivery or takeaway order for food. Yelp accepts transactions via its mobile app and website thanks to third-party integrations. As being one of the leading custom mobile application development company provide you with certain useful tips to create an application like this:

  • Finding a niche: If you select a well-liked target market, you’ll face stiff competition. Although Yelp covers a wide range of establishments and services, you may want to think about specializing in a particular market. Tripadvisor focuses on travel locations, places to stay, etc. 
  • Pay attention to the user experience: Since finding companies and services is the main usage of apps like Yelp, your app needs a user-friendly search. The search bar is not something that users want to spend time seeking. UX text is a crucial element of interfaces. This is the textual content of your programs, such as the instructions and navigation buttons, which helps users navigate it and has a good experience. Since users don’t need to write their questions, voice search makes using a mobile app while on the go much simpler. The process of filtering makes it possible to display only pertinent results. Provide location, pricing, and other search filtering options to users of your app.
  • Create a community: Build a community by allowing users to post messages, add each other to their friend’s lists, and rate one other’s reviews on your app. When people are aware of their audience, they are more willing to contribute content.
  • Gamify: Gamification is a powerful technique for enticing and inspiring users. Users are both amused and encouraged to post reviews thanks to it. Giving users badges to recognize their accomplishments is one approach to gamifying a mobile application. For a specific number of reviews left or locations visited, badges can be awarded. Adding a ranking system to an app to encourage individuals who enjoy competition is another method to make it more game-like.

Different ways to make money from Yelp-like application

When considering how to monetize an app like Yelp, you can consider the following options:

  • Advertising: Businesses can promote from Yelp. Yelp advertisers appear higher in search results and on competitive company sites. To prevent people from becoming annoyed by advertising, keep in mind that they should be pertinent to search queries.
  • Offers and Promotion: The smart move when creating a website like Yelp is to create an offer system that motivates users to download your app, such as coupons, discounts, etc. Both users and service providers gain from this. You will get paid for each transaction, though.
  • Fees for transactions: Commissioning from actions like placing food orders is another potential source of income for an app like Yelp. Yelp has already started operating in the transaction sector. Still, the primary source of income for the business is advertising.

Time and money required to build this kind of App

Many factors affect how much it costs to develop an app like Yelp. Depending on the experience of the developers, app development can take somewhere between 10 to 20 months. In this instance, the server-side, information, design, and interface must be configured. Considering our experience, we occasionally suggest to our clients to create an MVP. You can save money while also putting your idea to the test.

Every solution is adaptable. This knowledge enables the business to create a unique product for you and includes all the features you require together with a personalized design.


People enjoy traveling and telling others about their experiences. Yelp-like apps will therefore continue to be widely used. By developing similar software, you can profit from a variety of revenue strategies and ensure that consumers will find it unquestionably helpful. Making an app keeping in mind customer is the king.