How To Create Shade In A Garden

Having some shade in your garden gives you somewhere to retreat to when the sun is blazing during those summer months. However, not only does it do that, but it also provides a certain amount of privacy from overlooking neighbours, and allows for certain species of plants and flowers to be grown. When it comes to creating shade in your garden, the design possibilities are pretty much endless and limited only by your own imagination. 

When it comes to having shade in your garden, think of the area as an experience that impacts on your sense of smell, sound, and sight. Foliage is great for absorbing heat, and either swaying grass or running water will give a cooling effect.

The below solutions for creating areas of shade in your garden will make your outdoor space a pleasure to use during the hottest days of the year and you will no longer have to escape in doors to find some much needed solace from the bright sun.

Plant A Tree

If you have a large enough space that will allow for a midsize to large tree to be planted in it, then this can be a great way of adding some natural shade to your garden. Whilst blocking out some of the sun, they also allow some through, meaning that you will still remain warm whilst shading underneath it. If the coverage of the tree becomes too wide and begins to put too much or your garden space in the shade, then you always have the ability to trim the leaves back to the desired level. 

Install An Awning

These can either come fixed or have the potential to retract also for when they are not in use or during the winter months when you want to keep them clean and dry. Attached to the side of your house, they can provide a great deal of shade to both the interior of your home and also to your terrace or patio area. They come in a range of different colours and patterns to suit the style of your garden. If you want a more discreet look then go for more neutral tones, whereas if you want to make it stand out then go for one of the colourful jazzy patterns.

Use A Parasol

Where the space in your garden is pretty limited, you may want to avoid using something that is more permanently in place or that big that it blocks the natural light coming into your home, such as a pergola or a tree. Instead, opt for a parasol or garden umbrella instead. These are small enough that they will provide enough shade whilst not blocking out any light. They are also flexible in that they can be moved around, so to provide shade no matter what direction the sun is coming from. You can visit garden umbrellas uk to view a wide range of parasols that you can use in your garden to create just the right amount of shade.