How to Make Movie Night More Fun

Many individuals try to entertain their families and themselves while squatting at home, watching movies at online sites, and maintaining social distancing for several weeks at this stage. Thankfully, below are some of the ways to make a movie night into an unforgettable experience rather than just another couch night.

Create a concession stand

Making popcorn and buying candy at the store is a cheap and easy way to entertain the movie night. As a pro tip, dollar stores sell movie theater-size candy for one-third the price. Put popcorn in a brown paper bag and make a small cookie bag to enjoy while watching a movie from LK21.


A lot of people firmly believe that they are not too old to enjoy dressing up and watching different movies can make them look better than one option. Get creative with what everyone has at home and see what people came up with. As such think Sandy and Danny from Grease or the kids’ favorite Disney characters.

Have the dinner themed

Depending on the movie people want to watch, it can be a bit daunting, but having a themed dinner together is a fun way to make the night even more special. For example, a family can make tacos, guacamole, and probably adult margaritas to refresh their mood if they planned to watch Coco and The Book of Life.

Plan it outside

For those who have a projector, spending a movie night outdoors is a fun way to mix things up and enjoy a night out in nature. People can also invite their neighbors to watch and of course, from a safe social distance. If it’s a date, all couples need is a laptop and a blanket to have more fun.

Have a port

As with dressing up, it is firmly believed that people are not too old to enjoy building a fortress. It may not be as comfortable as it used to be in the fortress, but if the kids bring blankets, pillows, and mattresses into the living room, it will expend some energy and keep all the snacks in one place.

Enjoy a themed activity

Watching a movie with background music can be a fun way to start a dance party before or after the movie. People can even get up and dance when their favorite song starts. If the characters in the movie engage in sports or other activities, they can get the whole family involved in their twist. As an example, for those who are planning on watching “Remember Titans”, they can play soccer together in the backyard before watching. And for those who are watching The Wizard of Oz, making their choreography for their favorite song is a great way to have a good time. 

Create an ambiance

Turn off the fire and enjoy the coziest jam. Even the third night in a row at the cinema will be a little special. As such, some people like to slide the sofa in the living room to make one huge sofa bed. For those who know that their family can fall asleep in the first 30 minutes, bring their best blankets and pillows and turn them into overnight stays.

Put the phone away

It’s a good idea to put the cell phone aside when doing family business. It’s easy when people have a phone in another room so everyone can focus on the movie being watched on sites like LK21 and spend time with their family. It also helps to bring out the atmosphere of the movie theater.