How to Pass PMP Certification with Short Preparation Time?

How to pass PMP certification while you only have short time to prepare for it? Different people have different learning methods. Here, I would like to share with you my learning method.

First, if you have very little understanding of PMP. I suggest you watching the teaching videos quickly and mark out the key knowledge points mentioned in videos. Such knowledge as process groups of execution, monitoring, and planning is often tested, taking up a high proportion of the exam content. The calculation questions take up a relatively small part. If you really do not how to do it, you can just skip that part. The knowledge of the closing process group is relatively easy. It is suggested to do all the tests of corresponding chapters and do at least four sets of PMP exam sample questions.

Try to attend the class on time and master the knowledge of five process groups and ten knowledge domains. Be familiar with the concepts. If you are unclear some concepts, you can replay the video. 

Avoid Doing These Things:

Only having a general idea of each part of the guidance PMBOK is not enough. You do not need to recite each chapter of the ten knowledge domains, but you need to have a clear concept of them. The knowledge points tested are quite detailed in the exam, so you need make sure that you bear them in mind.

You cannot just read the book with doing questions or do the questions with reading the book. You should combine these two was. On the basis of understanding knowledge, doing questions can consolidate your understanding. Both are important.

Do not over stick to some difficult questions. You may encounter some difficult questions when you are doing the PMP sample exam. If you spend much time on it and still cannot solve it and just let it go. Because what PMI PMP certification tests you is not your ability of solving these difficult questions but how many you have done correctly among all the questions.

Exam Tips Sharing:

1. Allocate your time properly. You should set the time limit while you take the PMP exam prep, particularly the time for filling in the blanks. It is better to finish the whole exam within three hours and only mark out the questions you are uncertain with so that you can check whether you have done all the questions and let your brain have a rest.

2. Review your mistakes. This is very important. When you are doing the real exam questions, you may discover that all the questions that you do not know how to solve are what you are confused about before.

3, Summarize the key knowledge of the ten knowledge domains, seven quality tools, calculation questions, and key technical tools so that you can review them with convenience,

Do not feel too nervous. Just relax and you can bring out the best of you. If you have made enough efforts, your efforts will be paid off.