How to play online games relaxed and have fun

It’s no secret that online games are always aimed at the social aspect, identifying leaders. To succeed in MMOs, you need to constantly level up, participate in massive events and take part in server activities.

But fortunately, not all the fun from online projects comes from constant grinding, in MMOs you can abandon the ambitions of the strongest player on the server and just engage in activities that you like and even get good gold.

Let’s take World of Warcraft Classic for example, given that this is a hardcore version from the main update and in order to succeed you need to farm a lot, and resources are not easy to get, but even in it is not necessary to buy WoW gold classic, but you can do other activities.

Activities in WoW Classic

  • Fishing and cooking
  • Professions

Fishing and cooking

Go fishing. Take a fishing rod and go fishing instead of the hustle and bustle of the game and the race to upgrade your character.

You will need a fishing rod and to find a body of water suitable for fishing.

Fishing will not only be pumped as an additional profession, but will not occupy an important slot, which will allow you to use it effectively in cooking, and after pumping the skill you will catch more valuable fish

Cooking is also related to fishing and does not require an additional profession slot to learn.

Prepare various dishes from the available ingredients and improve your cooking skill, gradually more complex recipes will be available to you.

The essence of cooking is that by consuming food you will increase your characteristics for a period of time and the higher the skill of the cook, the longer the effect will last and the higher the characteristics will be.


There are many professions in WoW, which, according to the correct one, need to be pumped in parallel with the character, earning money. But if we don’t want to realize our ambitions, but just do interesting activities, then we just go to the appropriate locations and upgrade professions.

Professions, in turn, are divided but collective and creating.


  • Skinning
  • Collection of herbs
  • Mining

Skinning – we need a special knife with which we will skin the dead animals. The profession is closely related to the extraction of leather and the extracted materials can be sold independently in crafting professions, or sold on the market to get gold.

Collecting herbs – going to almost any location, you will come across special zones in which flowers and herbs grow. All of them can be collected for implementation in the future. Closely related to the collection of herbs is alchemy, which will allow you to create potions of various directions and first aid, which creates healing bandages that will remove bleeding and antidotes.

Mining – there are a lot of rocks in the game that you can get if you have a pickaxe. Pickaxe can be taken in the city from a special NPC. Mining is very profitable due to the extracted materials, in addition to ore, precious stones will also come across from ore veins, which jewelers need to create unique jewelry with special characteristics.


Creation professions are closely related to gathering professions, since they bring the professions necessary for leveling and earning gold by selling finished products.

  • Blacksmith craft
  • Leatherworking
  • Tailoring
  • inscription
  • jewelry
  • Alchemy
  • blacksmith craft

Complements mining and converts mined ore into heavy equipment needed by many classes.

It is blacksmiths who create good armor suitable for many raids and you may not even be in any of them, but be the main armor smith for the rest.


Perfectly complements skinning and allows you to process harvested leather and create light leather armor that suits its respective classes.


A unique profession, since consumables are obtained directly from monsters and does not require an additional profession to obtain consumables.

The tailor creates cloth armor used by magic classes.


An interesting profession in terms of benefit to others. Inscription is a kind of recipe for creating most equipment, weapons and jewelry, and a player who chooses this profession can become a supplier of a key component, without which most armor simply cannot be created.


Interconnected with inscription and mining. A profitable profession if you can get all the necessary components to create unique costume jewelry. Other players tend to be good at buying jewelry with special characteristics.


Closely related to gathering herbs, it allows the player to create special potions that can damage the enemy, heal the character and allies, or buff the character.