How To Secretly Track Android And iPhone Without Them Knowing

Depending on the case you have to administer or handle, you might have to track someone’s Android or iPhone for various reasons. This may be for the individual’s welfare or to get closure from a toxic relationship. Besides, it could also be to monitor your children and to know their after-school activities, track a cheating or lying spouse, monitor your employees, or find a lost phone. The objective could be anything.

If these cases arise, it will be helpful to have a monitoring application that can assist you in numerous ways. However, in such situations, the individual you wish to spy on might not be compliant with them being monitored. If they become aware, it defeats the entire purpose of utilizing spyware. This is why spouses, parents, employers looking for spyware always seek some of the ways to track their phones secretly.

Is it manageable to track someone’s Android or iPhone secretly?

However, many people worry if it’s possible to track someone’s Android or iPhone without them knowing. In this case, the answer is a big YES! With seamless spyware, you can simply track the smartphone without their knowledge. Moreover, if you want to track their phones without an application secretly, your best option is to utilize Spymaster Pro. This is one of the spyware that works in stealth mode. Besides, it transfers every piece of tracked information to your account, enabling you to access everything at your convenience.

Why Use This Spyware?

The spyware comes with advanced tracking features, allowing access to your target text messages, social apps, call logs, and location 24/7. Furthermore, the spyware also comprises no jailbreak functions. All one has to do is offer the target phone’s Apple ID credentials, and you can begin tracking the device anytime without having to access it physically.

There are various benefits of using such spyware. This is the best way to monitor all their communications, track someone’s social chats, know their locations, and every other thing one needs to know.

How to Track an iPhone or Android Secretly?

It would be best for you to know how to track a phone with Spymaster pro which tends to support all the versions. And another good thing about the spymaster pro iPhone feature is that one can track any phone without jailbreak features. So, are you thinking about the steps involved?

Purchase Spymaster Pro

Visit the Spymaster Pro website and select ‘Buy Now.’ Post that, provide the required details and proceed to checkout.

Log in

Since the target phone is an iPhone or Android, you don’t have to install the application on the smartphone. All one requires is to provide iCloud credentials of your target smartphone. 

Start Spying Secretly

Also, one does not require any jailbreak or installing the application on the target phone. You can monitor the device through your application or web browsers after it successfully syncs in 24-hour intervals. 

Spymaster Pro Features

Spymaster Pro also offers additional features without any jailbreak for easy and seamless monitoring:

  • Access the contact list
  • Check call logs
  • Access to browser history
  • GPS tracking
  • Get data of deleted text messages
  • WhatsApp and various other social apps
  • Notes
  • Other Installed applications

What About Call Logs and Phone Tracking

The application provides you with access to the contact list. This spy software also allows you to go through all the received and dialed calls on the monitored target device without their knowledge. It does not end there. You can have access to every call duration, timestamp, etc. 

GPS Tracking

With Spymaster Pro, one can seamlessly track phone GPS location from any location. It provides real-time locations that allow you to track their point of contact or destinations easily.

Internet Browser Tracking

And when it comes to kids, you may want to monitor their phones and check the internet history to observe the content they are using. Spymaster Pro provides you with access to these features in such a case. You can see the websites they travel to in real-time, the date and time they were opened, closed websites, and the time stamp.

Social Media Tracking

This spyware application tends to allow you to interrupt and read social chats on Facebook, Whatsapp, and various other social media apps. As a parent, you can monitor conversations and get access to your kids’ media files exchanged on or through social media. The spyware also allows you to duplicate all the messages on their device’s social media accounts. Once that is done, the app will automatically upload it to your control dashboard to check later.