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How to watch Netflix shows outside US using VPN

Though you may not know, Netflix has different content libraries for different geographical locations. This essentially means that the movies and seasons available in The United States of America might be different than those viewable around the globe. The primary reason for this is that Netflix only broadcasts those titles in your location for which your region has purchased the rights for.

However, that doesn’t mean you cannot access the restricted content. All you have to do is use a VPN service. In order to do so, you need to know Netflix’s blocking mechanisms for VPNs and how to evade those. If you’re using a sub-standard VPN provider, Netflix will detect it, and will show you the Netflix proxy error.

What is Netflix’s reason for the difference in content based on locations?

We now know that Netflix has different content for different locations, but do you know how great the difference is? The Hungarian movie library has a mere 570 titles in it, while the USA library has a whopping 4500 titles to choose from. The United Kingdom on the other hand sits at 2400 titles in its Netflix movie library.

Though the subscription charges are the same everywhere, the available tiles have a huge disparity amongst themselves which can be a sore point for Netflix subscribers. This disparity arises from the fact that the copyright agreements between content distributors and production houses are different. In case the locations content distributors haven’t purchased rights from the producers, that title will not be available in that region. In order to ensure that these agreements are implemented, and copyrights are adhered to, Netflix has geo-blocked its libraries.

Though a VPN service may help you overcome Netflix’s geo-restrictions, be sure not to use any ordinary VPN service, particularly the unpaid ones as these are ineffective against Netflix’s geo-blocks and will only result in proxy errors.

VPNs enable you to watch your preferred content without restriction.

VPNs mask your online footprint and can make it appear that you are sitting in a completely different location than your original location. This opens up a vault-full of viewing opportunities for people who enjoy watching movies.

Netflix has another issue; let’s say you are subscribed to Netflix in one country, for example the United Kingdom. Now if you were to travel to The United States of America for any reason, the shows that were available to you in the UK may no longer be available in the USA. So, a VPN helps come over this issue as well and helps you access your shows no matter which region you are from and where you are travelling to.

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How do VPNs work?

Based on our location, our devices get an IP address assigned while using the internet. So, if we look at the initial number sequence in an IP address for a specific location, for example, New York, they will be the same. Now compare these initial sequences with IP addresses from San Francisco and you will notice they are entirely different from those of New York. These IP addresses can be used to track devices to their regions with ease.

These unique location-based number sequences in IP addresses are used to determine the location of the device the internet connection is being used on. Based on this logic VPNs can help you bypass Netflix’s geo-blockers. VPNs use encryption tunnels to route internet traffic. The encryption tunnel then identifies the server your internet is being hosted on and changes the IP address accordingly. This is called IP masking or IP address spoofing, which means, your location is virtually changed so that the internet sees a location of you choose as your devices’ location and assigns an IP accordingly.

VPNs can also be used to evade geo-restrictions of streaming services by changing your location along with a change in your IP address. A VPN allows you to choose from various server options as your internet’s hosts. This changes your geographical print on the internet. Simply put, using a VPN equips you with the options to pick a location of your choosing which will then unlock the Netflix library for that location for your viewing.

Though it is advised that you tread with caution as locations can be tracked using the means other than your IP address on the internet. Cookies, browser settings, your Netflix billing address, and oftentimes even your internet connection speed can give away your actual location. Thus, it may require multiple attempts for you to evade the geo-restricted blocks and access libraries restricted to your regions

Is it a criminal offense to use VPN?

Isn’t it unlawful to use VPN given that Netflix is trying its level best to prevent it?

Though considered a form of plagiarism by a number of people, it simply is gaining access to existing data denied to you based on location. You are being charged the same amount but not given access due to the area of residence. It is however still not unlawful.

How does Netflix take action? It simply sends you a notification or error. That alone tells a lot about the seriousness of the trespass or the illegality. There are no charges against you and neither are any drastic measures taken. You are not prohibited from using the site for the ‘crime’

How to ensure a smooth VPN connection?

Bear in mind that the time at which you are trying to connect VPN affects the quality and speed of VPN. However, you have to repeatedly try to get the VPN to connect. Secondly, there is a chance that you will not have access to a suitable connection or a suitable location the very first time. It will require a few attempts until you have access to restricted content.

Knowing the number of connections helps a lot. Not only that but the type of IP address you have. The questions to be kept in consideration are the status of connections, or would the DNS be enciphered too? Is there privacy of information? Is the IP address constant or is it modified regularly?


You are missing out on the data which is a VPN away! Giving access to data which would otherwise not even be discovered. Needless to say, VPN is an amazing discovery not only for a movie enthusiast but all active internet users too.