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How to Watch the Best Cartoons on My Phone?

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  1. Best apps for watching cartoons on my phone
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Our children are just as obsessed with digital technology and mobile phones as we are. The content we used to watch on Spectrum TV for entertainment is now available on quick and easy mobile apps. If you are looking for the best cartoon streaming apps, then here is what you need to get.

Best Apps for Watching Cartoons on My Phone

Apps for Android

Many parents tend to buy Android tablets and devices for their children since they are widely available in a budget-friendly range and therefore are suitable for a kid’s use. Majority of the kid’s entertainment apps you will see today are available on iOS and Android both. However, here is a short list of best cartoon watching apps you can download on your Android devices. Some of these are also compatible with your smart TVs.

  • Cartoon Network app

Of course, nothing beats anything that reminds us of our childhood. Cartoon Network app is the ideal pick for those adults who want a small treat from their childhood every now and then while their kids are entertained. The new bunch of content on the channel and on the app can be a good time pass for your kids and the old content can be your trip down the memory lane.

The app is free to download on both Android and iOS, but its smaller download size and good mobile optimization makes it perfect for Android use. The app is home to cartoon clips, songs and complete episodes. There are over 25 cartoon shows on this app. If you like to keep things simple, then the no-login-required feature of the app will be of great importance to you. Other than that, the app also has exclusive premieres and launches before they make it to the channel. This can help you and your kid stay up-to-date about the upcoming content.

  • Tubi TV

Another space-saving app that you can get on your Android phone or tablet is Tubi TV. The best part about this app is that it streams a bunch of different varieties of shows and cartoon content smoothly over any Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. So, you can put your high-speed internet Spectrum packages and mobile data bundles to use while trying to keep your child hooked onto something interesting.

This On Demand cartoon streaming service has over 200,000 titles and content. You can also use it on various other platforms, including your smart TVs, Android TV and Roku devices. If you are a millennial parent, then your home is much likely to be equipped with such entertainment technology. You will find content and titles from Warner Bros, Lionsgate, and Paramount on Tubi TV.

  • Vudu

Vudu is a full-scale streaming platform, based in America. It is also another app that is free to download on iPhone as well as Android devices. The app has a variety of content including kid’s content. The “Kids zone” section of this app is packed with our own childhood favorites such as the Lion King and Toy Story 2. Disney Mulan, Charlie and the chocolate factory, Dumbo, and even Shrek, the app has it all. It is ideal for today’s kids to remain updated with the latest cartoons, and it is also a great source of entertainment for  parents to watch some movies from the good old days.

Apps for iOS

Moving on, here we have a list of best cartoon streaming apps you can get on your iOS devices. These apps will definitely take the experience to a whole new level.

  • Boomerang

It is great to have all your favorite content, new or old, gathered in one place for easy viewing. This is what Boomerang offers to its users. It lets you stream content from various channels and platforms without any trouble. It has an extensive load of episodes and different shows such as Looney Tunes and Scooby Doo.

The mobile app also has a new version, so you can use it to stream on your laptops as well. Its efficient search system lets you find the perfect fix for you and your child’s entertainment time.

For new users, Boomerang offers a 7-day free trial period. In this time, you can decide whether or not the app has the right content for you.

  • DC Universe

Many parents are DC comic geeks themselves and want their kids to experience the fandom as well. If this is true for you, then the DC universe mobile app is great for you. It has a large comics library that you can access any time. For streaming entertainment content, the app is home to famous DC animated movies that you and your kids can enjoy together. This is an all-DC streaming app, so this can be a limitation since there will be no other content on it.

  • Disney Now

Of course, how can we forget about Disney when talking about cartoons, animated content and our childhood favorites. Disney Now app is particularly designed to be kid-friendly, and only includes content from Disney’s own branches. The app works well with select TV providers, so you can check out if your provider is in the list or not. It works with AT&T, Cox, FiOS and many more. You can switch to a new provider from Buytvinternetphone.

Last Note

Streaming apps that are particularly made for kids can be very important in ensuring that your child doesn’t get exposed to any inappropriate content. The apps we have mentioned above will make sure that your kids remain entertained without you worrying about them.