How Use Board Portals to Achieve Impactful Results

A board portal is software for digital, secure and convenient management and supervisory board communication. It enables management and supervisory board members to access the latest meeting documents from anywhere at any time, to read and comment on them and to keep an eye on all decision-relevant information at all times. 

At the same time, thanks to digital processes, the executive and supervisory board offices can prepare all meetings faster and more efficiently. The highest security standards guarantee the maximum protection of the strictly confidential documents, while functions such as continuous logging ensure that all actions can be traced and ensure legal certainty.

What Is Important when Choosing a Board Portal?

A board portal is software for secure digital communication between members of a board of directors, including the company secretariat. Board management software typically have:

  • messaging capabilities, 
  • voting tools, 
  • meeting and agenda capabilities, 
  • other tools designed to make communication as seamless as possible. 

The right meeting management software for your organization can simplify communication and increase the efficiency of your board of directors. To put it simply: with a board portal, board members, supervisory board members and assistants save valuable time.

Board portals (boardrooms) simplify the work of committees and are useful for all boards at a time when digitalization accelerates the business world and requires management and supervisory boards to make increasingly far-reaching decisions in ever shorter periods of time. 

Because if you choose it right, the board portal will make all meeting management much more efficient and save time. However, before approaching a potential vendor, it is important to know what requirements the board portal must handle and what functions it must perform, especially with regard to handling highly sensitive information and a demanding compliance environment. Efficiency is important in business, and that is why in this article you will learn how to use bord portal with the greatest efficiency. What is a board portal? Continue  reading. 

How to Use the Board Portal as Efficiently as Possible?

Today, the Internet of Things is present in a wide variety of contexts – not only in the home, but above all in the industrial environment. The number of networked devices and applications is increasing rapidly and with it the amount of data generated. It is crucial for companies to effectively manage the data generated by end devices in the field in order to convert it into concrete values. Raw data needs to be extracted, cleansed, and contextualized to facilitate decision makers’ work and enable true data-driven decisions.

In order for your management to be fast and productive, it is important to take into account several criteria when choosing and further using a board portal.

Secure of the Board Portal

Supervisory boards and boards are responsible for monitoring and managing the company, and in this function they usually work with highly confidential information. Therefore, the safety of the onboard portal is a decisive factor. 

It is important to ensure:

  • that all data is encrypted on the server, in transit and on mobile devices, 
  • there is two-factor authentication, 
  • dedicated rights management, 
  • effective operator protection through the use of complex mechanisms to protect against unauthorized intrusion by operators through technical and organizational measures and, in the best case, official certification of the solution, for example, according to the ISO 27001 standard. 

In addition, consistent logging of all processes is recommended in order to comply with the requirements and liability risks for supervisory boards and executive boards.

Mobile and Intuitive Access to Meeting Documents

In addition to security and functionality, the usability of the bulletin board portal software is important. Because if the documents can’t be used as flexibly, easily, and uncomplicatedly as management and supervisory board members from a paper meeting folder might be used to, they won’t work with them either. 

It is also necessary to ensure that committee members can access documents and information from their smartphone or tablet, regardless of time and place. The possibility of digital decision making should also be a selection criterion in this context, as should the removal of local content in applications in the event of a lost or stolen mobile device.

Convenient Meeting with the Board Portal

The offices of the board and supervisory board are usually responsible for the preparation and subsequent meetings of committees, which must schedule meetings as efficiently as possible using the board portal. This raises the question of:

  • whether documents are easy to manage and, at best, can be easily uploaded to the board portal via drag and drop, 
  • whether meeting folders are automatically created and easily adapted when individual documents are updated,  
  • whether supplying departments can easily and, first of all, necessarily be involved in the creation process. 

In addition, the board portal should allow the board and supervisory board offices to manage voting and approval processes from the system and automatically remind supply departments of application deadlines.

Bulletin Board Portal Support 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Quite often committee meetings are held in time pressure. If there is a problem with the onboard portal software, it is more than inconvenient. Therefore, before deciding on a specific board document management provider, it is always important to clarify how support is going. At best, there is competent 24/7 support that can help you with your request in different languages if you have any doubts.


The management of the organizing body is crucial to the growth and survival of a business in the increasing competition in the market. It involves making decisions about important aspects of your business and protecting the interests of your stakeholders. These processes are time-sensitive, complex and involve high stakes. Virtual boardroom management ensures clear communication, scheduling of regular meetings and documentation. 

Board management software is a good solution. It’s an essential tool for your organization to address all concerns and helps your board of directors collaborate on unification and security. They save time that goes undetected by communicating via email At the same time, they help managers to ensure organized and streamlined board management.