Impact of Social Media On Society

Social Media has now turned into the most essential and mandatory application in everyone’s life.l Without the social media network, people cannot thing their day to be started. From morning bed to night sleep, social media is now the best friend of every human being. Best friend in the sense the one-sided friendship. It means, people cannot live without social media. But social media can. Whenever anything happens in our society, people look towards social media networks for more updates instead of newspaper and news on television. It does not matter an incident is true or false. If it is present there (social media), then it is true without checking its reality. This post is all about the impact of Social Media on society.

impact of social media

Impact Of Social Media On Society:

Everything has positive and negative impacts on our society. This rule also applies to social media networks. If we think in a positive way, social media network is the strongest network in the world which connects people. No matter wherever you are, you can connect with your friends, family, school teachers even with your dog. Facebook is considered as the king of social media networks which helps to connect people. The purpose of creating these channels is to connect people with each other, keep strong the bonding, and forget the distance. So many other social networking sites like Instagram, twitter, snap chat, etc. are also in the race to connect people all over the world. With the help of these string networks, we can keep ourselves updated with latest updates and news.

Every light has a dark spot. Nowadays social media is causing the distance between family members. Ina family, members are busy in Facebook, Instagram, etc. and do not have time for each other. People do believe the thing is right which is present in these networks. Without checking the reality of the matter, they continue to spread the news among others.

So many cybercrimes are happening through these channels. Social media bullying, social media threatening, blackmailing like crimes are happening with the help of these networks. No one is safe now in this world. The deeper you so into these networks, the deeper you go into the trouble.

Being online every time, the youth cannot concentrate on their daily activities. They are creating an imaginary world around themselves. If you fit in their social media world, you can enter in their life, if not, then you can’t. It is time to consider the impact of social media on society and accept both positive and negative effects of it.