Industrial Cooling Tower

A cooling tower is an industrial installation designed to cool circulating water used to remove heat from process equipment in circulating water supply systems. The industrial cooling tower creates the very draft of air that is necessary for the effective cooling of the circulating water. Exhaust towers are used to create natural drafts because of the distinction in unambiguous gravity of the air entering the cooling tower and the warmed air leaving the cooling tower. Under the sprinkler is a water collection tank. 

The standard of activity of the cooling tower system is quite simple. The cooling system in cooling towers happens because of the halfway dissipation of water and intensity trade with air. The water in the chilling pinnacle streams off the sprinkler and runs off in drops or a thin film. High temp water enters the cooling tower, where, contingent upon the kind and plan of the industrial cooling tower, it is cooled to the required temperature. Water cooling can be carried out:

  • the reverse flow of atmospheric air;
  • by spraying hot water with nozzles onto a special filler with a developed area, over which water spreads in a thin film and, due to its slow flow, is cooled;
  • by spraying water in special channels and natural capture of atmospheric air.

At this time, air flows along with the sprinkler, there is such a pattern in cooling towers, when 1% of the water evaporates, the temperature of the remaining water drops by 6 C. The loss of fluid is replenished by an external source. 

Types of HVAC cooling towers 

Tower cooling towers, in which air movement is not created by fans, but by natural draft. Cooling tower systems should be used in circulating water supply systems that require stable and deep cooling of water at high specific hydraulic and thermal loads. Cooling towers are mainly used in nuclear and thermal power plants and in some cases in other industries.

Fan cooling towers are designed to meet stringent requirements for energy and water savings. This industrial cooling tower is designed for continuous year-round operation. The undoubted advantage of prefabricated fan cooling towers is the speed of their erection at the construction site. Design features, as well as the method of anti-corrosion protection, allow their installation at any time of the year without the use of welding and painting. It can be supplied with an intelligent control system assembled on a modern element base, which allow you to control the operation of the cooling tower in automatic and manual modes. 

If necessary, it is possible to manufacture cooling towers from composite materials (fiberglass), from steel protected from corrosion by paint and varnish coatings, or a combined version. Baikal Mechanical takes into account many factors that serve as initial data for industrial cooling tower calculations. Among them:

  • location climate;
  • atmospheric parameters of the air on the territory of the enterprise;
  • recycled water consumption;
  • fluid quality, presence of impurities;
  • location of the cooling tower on the site relative to other objects buildings, overpasses, pipelines.

Baikal Mechanical provides a warranty and, in order for the HVAC cooling towers to operate with the required parameters after construction, and their technical characteristics do not deteriorate, it is necessary to carry out scheduled maintenance every six months.
The design features of the industrial cooling tower make it possible to install it on a prepared installation site within a period of one day to two weeks, depending on the type of cooling towers and their number. Maintenance includes scheduled inspection of the drive equipment, cooling tower cladding, cleaning of the catchment tank, and if necessary, the water distribution system.