Learn about WebVR Technologies

Since the world is now becoming digitally advanced, we can see that virtual reality is a big thing. All over the world and IT departments, people are becoming fond of virtual reality as it is dominating the world by allowing It experts to experience a new virtual environment for creating their developments. Many famous technologies such as React 360, A-Frame and three.js are providing you powerful access to the virtual reality experience from your browsers. That is why we will enhance your knowledge and explain the differences between such VR tools so that you can decide which one would be the best choice for your upcoming dream project. Ready or not? Now you can find out about the best famous WebVR technologies that you can use! 

What are the types of WebVR technologies?

We will guide you to the best WebVR technologies!


Unity is a game engine that incorporates many amazing features that makes your dream ideas convert into reality. It comprises various tools which you can use to use on any of your projects that start with casual apps and ends with AAA games. Amazing, No? Well, have you ever heard or played the game Pokemon Go or Hearthstone? This fascinating technology is used in these popular games which became best-selling games all over the world. They are equipped with C# scripting API and have a build-in visual studio. Thanks to engine providers and software developers, it is now easy and possible to turn your unique ideas into reality and you can now form interactive VR scenes in your web browsers. 


This is an innovative framework that is specially designed to create 3D and VR experiences for you with some familiar tools. This amazing framework is developed on top of reacting which is a famous JS library. Hence, this super amazing technology allows you to create eye-capturing and fabulous user interfaces which can interact with your website or the application. Hence, this special framework is developed by Facebook which comprises a community of engineers who work with full efforts to enhance the technology by using modified tools, modifications, and modules. 


This exciting web framework allows you to create games, many applications, and so many scenes that you can incorporate into virtual reality. A-frame uses WebVR API that connects to your web browser with a headset. This headset serves as a transition component between a software and a user. These elements work well for a specialist who works with web VR projects. It also provides a platform for the development of sites, web applications, or even games. This framework is written by using WebGl and is written from a scratch. Moreover, this framework is based on the Three.js library.


If you are wondering what is a three.js, let me explain it to you. Three.js. Is a JavaScript library that is specially developed for 3D rendering projects. It especially provides developers with many specialized tools that help you to create eye-capturing 3D projects or objects which you can place in any sort of environment. Three.js comes with a set of control over textures and meshes so that whenever you want to change or update them, you can do it as per your choice. Moreover, three.js is not usually used as a standalone element. Let me enlighten you with this. You can create impressive and thrilling 3D experiences with Three.js which can be used as an additional tool. Furthermore, React 360 is also much dependent on this library in many ways. That is why You can integrate Three.js into React 360 to create 3D animations and objects into your dream projects.


This is also an exciting technology which we’ll guide you about. This technology is specially designed as it is an open-source panorama viewer. It integrates immersive environments into your website or the application that you are planning to develop. Moreover, you can use the pannellum individually too as a standalone. You can integrate this high-tech via the <iframe> tag. Yes, it’s that simple! Well, if you want to integrate tight, you can use JS API to integrate panorama views in your any kind of project. Furthermore, this technology provides you with special tools which help to enhance your VR experiences. These are the integration of hot spots to display a piece of thrilling information. Moreover, it also implements panorama views in your VR tours. It also implements panorama views to the website you want to. Furthermore, it also offers you convenient and easy management of VR experience.

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Well, if you have a dream project and you want to use virtual technology to enjoy the best VR experiences in a web browser, you can have it and also access it via any sort of browser. Therefore, the best option for you would be React 360. This amazing technology provides you with an incredible foundation through which you can create immersive scenes that ignites interest among the customers and engage them enthusiastically. Furthermore, you can also use Pannellum, Three.js, or even A-frame if you want to, so that you can give a touch and essence of realism into your project to make it look real and unique. However, if you want all in one, there is when Unity comes. It provides all the necessary pieces of equipment and tools to your teams so that you can create outstanding results. That is why, if you want to work this way and hire a specialist software development company, here is when LitsLink comes by! It provides you with all the important tools, highly qualified staff, and digital technology to create an exciting business model. LitsLink also conducts analysis and comes up with possible solutions which are just perfect for your business.