Learn More About The Dangers of the Spice Drug

Street drugs have a long history of being dangerous not only for the user, but the public at large. With more and more designer or lab made synthetic drugs flooding the market, the risks of being affected either as a user, the family of a user, or just a bystander is becoming more prevalent every day. 

Synthetic cannabinoids have become popular as a cheap alternative to the real deal;  marijuana. One such synthetic drug that is on the street is called spice. This drug is manufactured from many known, sometimes unknown ingredients leaving the user subject to a wide range of side effects. 

History Of Spice

Reportedly the first instance of synthetic cannabinoid was created in the early 2000’s This early recreational synthetic was known commonly as spice. Unfortunately, the spice drug is often mixed with other substances, including, but not limited to, solvents and any number of other chemicals in the final product. The end result is the unspecified dangers of ingesting unknown chemicals, sometimes producing very dangerous side effects across multiple body systems. 

Variable Potency 

There is no way to positively know what you are getting when you buy the spice drug. The synthetic variety of THC reacts much differently than the organic version of THC. Users of the spice drug will likely experience a host of unexpected mental and physical issues. Natural THC only partially reacts to receptors in the human body, while the synthetic version goes all in at 100% and fully bonds to our THC receptors.

Dangerous Side Effects

The potential for addiction to the spice drug is only one of the problems seen. Users commonly report problems with breathing, rapid heartbeats, and sweating. With larger doses consumed, not being able to “feel” your body or numbness is common, along with coordination issues. Being nauseous and collapsing, and sometimes total loss of consciousness is reported. More serious side effects can include seizures and, unfortunately, death.  

Addiction And Mental Health Issues

The increased risk for psychosis in using the spice drug has been well documented, including addiction, both physical and psychological dependence reported. Withdrawal symptoms are sometimes noted within hours of last known use. Users who already experience mental health issues find the drug to exacerbate their symptoms. The results of long-term use are currently inconclusive, but it is generally believed that there is a potential to even develop mental illness with continued use. 

An International Problem

With the spice drug now being created and shipped from many different areas across international borders, there is little guarantee of where your particular strain originates from. Not having any way of knowing where the drug was sourced, you are taking a considerable risk in using this substance with no recommended dose and no standardization. The results could be potentially disastrous. 

WARNING: At this time, it is also important to note that the spice drug is now illegal in a large number of countries, including the United States, on a federal level, with states often passing legislation that can be ambiguous at best with new formulations coming on the market regularly. Frequently these laws are circumvented by labeling the products “Not for human consumption”.