Live Entertainment: Hiring Musicians, DJs, and Performers

Live entertainment has the power to set the mood and get the party started for virtually any event. And a lot of weddings, birthday get-togethers, graduation celebrations, and New Year’s Eve parties hire a DJ, live band, and even performers to keep the music pumping and guests smiling. And it’s almost always a hit.

Almost always.

Simply hiring a clown isn’t going to cut it these days, and unfortunately, there are plenty of horror stories out there where hosts wish they would’ve stuck with karaoke. Whether it’s talent that doesn’t show up, acts that aren’t as advertised, or someone who only thinks they have talent, booking the wrong person could spell disaster for your event.

But, with so many live entertainers available, how can you find the right musician, DJ, or live performer? Well, we’ve got a few tips that can help, so if you’re planning a party in the near future, check out these suggestions to avoid wasting your money on bad entertainers.

Tailor the Entertainment

Before starting your pursuit to find the perfect entertainment, consider what energy you want your entertainers to bring and what’s suitable for your venue and your guests. Different events call for different forms of entertainment. For instance, an unexpected burlesque performance might not fit in at a wedding, but it could be the talk of the town at a birthday blowout. Additionally, consider the demographics of your attendees—their age, preferences, and anticipations—and ensure not to estrange anyone with your choice of act. 

As an event host, your love for music might be profound, but the bewildered expressions of your guests are not worth it if you’re the only one enjoying a heavy metal band’s performance. A versatile choice for most evening events is a live band. Professional bands are adept at appeasing diverse crowds, and regardless of their genre expertise, the best ones can always tweak their set to appeal to any audience. In a way, choosing the right event entertainment is akin to in-game betting, where you have to make calculated decisions based on the current state of play to ensure success.


Whether you’re looking for entertainers for a small event or something as huge as the Australian Music Festival, you must ensure you’re hiring someone you can depend on. Three criteria to identify a reliable performer are that they must be easily accessible, promptly responsive, and quick to ease any concerns.

You should also aim to collaborate with performers known for their punctuality and professionalism (even your hard rock band should be cordial when they’re not on stage), and ideally, those who aspire to deliver more than just a cursory performance. Additionally, the assurance that your booking is secure is vital.

Save Money

Whether you’re orchestrating an awards show party or a wedding with a limited budget, it’s crucial to know how to save on entertainment costs without sacrificing quality. A few strategies to consider include:

  • Book Early: Securing your preferred entertainers in advance not only ensures their availability for your event but also locks in current pricing, irrespective of future increases. Just like any other business, professional performers and bands need to incrementally adjust their charges due to inflation and heightened demand as they become more prominent in the industry. By booking early, you’re not only getting the cream of the crop but also smartly managing your budget.
  • Book Local: Opting for local talent is an effective way to reduce travel costs associated with entertainment. Transporting heavy equipment such as instruments, speakers, and lighting in a large van results in considerable fuel consumption. By hiring performers from within your local area, you’re not just diminishing your overall expenses but also contributing to a decrease in harmful emissions.

In conclusion, when it comes to planning an event, the entertainment you choose can make or break the occasion. Careful consideration of your audience, a keen eye for quality, and smart cost-saving measures can help ensure you deliver a memorable event that leaves your guests entertained and inspired.