Living Room Wall Lighting Ideas: 4 Stylish Ways To Brighten Your Space

The living room is the most vital part of any household, so keeping it decked up is of utmost importance. In interior designing, layer lighting is one key element and understanding it gives you a wide spectrum to play with. Right light layering can bring out a pleasant ambiance, but living room lighting is more than that. 

Handpicked carefully, living room lights are used to transform large space into a cozier abode and small space into a large volume. They can amplify an artwork, stacks of books, or any other focal object of a room without much effort. 

Below we have amazing living room wall lighting ideas to show what modern wall light fixtures can do for your space! 

1. Employ wall lights to enhance a focal element 

Employing the most magical decorative tool; Directional lighting. It is one such tool to formulate layers of lighting to create an illusional atmosphere. 

Angling a beam directly into a focal element like artwork or architectural installation lets you transform your home into your dream decor. 

You can add antique brass and soft gold fixtures with warm low light. The undefined nooks of your home look more lively and inviting just by adding statement wall lights. 

If your living space includes decorative pieces, implement this trick and see how easily you can amplify the decor in no time! 

2. Use wall lights to add a decorative speck 

Undoubtedly, living space decor needs to be functional yet beautiful. Because it is part of the home decor strategy, so at least match up with the elements if not the material. For instance- Keep an off-white wall matched up with black monochromatic artwork, statement furniture, along with silver decorative modern wall lights. 

You can even pair up your wall lights in trios or duals to create an everlasting style. 

3. Create a cozy reading corner  

Use any wall lighting in your living space, and a directional beam is great for creating a reading nook. It has functionality and elegance in perfect ratio. 

You can even get a long-neck table lamp along with textured wooden furniture that compliments your decor style. 

Keep the lighting warm and add wall lights wherever needed. Avoid excess spotlights and keep them minimal. 

4. Choose wall lights that compliment your existing decor 

Every style passes by after a certain time, but it’s important to keep the period and character of your abode and pick wall lights that offer timeless beauty. 

For instance, if your home represents modern homes, then a sleek contemporary design is the safest way to proceed. To be precise, go for pieces that go with several decor styles and give chances for more decor experiments. 

Tip-: Assess your home decor carefully before picking out wall lights for your living space. 

Why wall-lights? 

Modern wall lights are a great inclusion to home decor, plus they offer a huge impact in minimal efforts- they don’t hoard on your table or shelves. They are also efficient as table lamps and are wall-mounted, offering 360° light exposure.