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Logan Paul – 23-year-old world-famous YouTube star

Who is Logan Paul? 

Logan Paul is one of the most successful social media personalities around the globe. He is also an actor, singer, youtuber. Currently, he has become the most popular vine star and youtuber due to his blockbuster videos. He started his youtube channel by uploading some comedy videos with his classmates. Those videos became immensely popular which gave him the confidence to continue his youtube channel. His videos mostly consist of stunts, comedy videos, pranks on people etc. And his fun activities in social media not only help him to become the popular social media personality or famous youtuber, and also earns so many bucks. His millions fan base encourages him to continue his work and entertain people.

Logan was one-time state placing wrestler. While in Ohio University, Logan received academic scholarship twice. Despite of his successful academic career, Logan decided to make his career as a youtuber. That decision made his much popular. Now, he has joined hands with so many popular brands and campaigning their products. Apart from his youtube skills, Logan also worked in different Television projects to test his acting skills and succeed. Some of Logan’s TV projects are “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, “Rainbow Man”, “Bad Weather Films”, “Weird Loners”, etc. Logan also worked in couple of movie like, “The Thinning” & “Airplane Mode”.

Logan became popular due to his hardworking and dedication. He use mobile app vine as the medium of his popularity. He was also featured on the cover of AdWeek Magazine. Logan also travelled so many countries like Spain, Germany, London, Japan, China, Brazil, France, Belize to shoot his videos in different locations for his youtube channel. In Belize, Logan became the first person to record Facebook live video underwater. In Brazil, Logan went to the Olympic with his friend and made a notorious Olympic dab video which became popular rapidly and got over 60 millions videos within a week. Later, this video was removed due to the copyright Issue.

Logan also made a collaboration video with Hollywood Star, Kevin Hart “Bring Back the Dab”. DJ ‘Marshmello’ song was featured in this music video. Logan also did short skits with popular Hollywood Actor Dwayne Johnson. The Hollywood Movie “Airplane Mode” is written & produced by Logan Paul. He is also starring in this movie.

Currently this mega star of Social Media who shots goofy videos and incredible stunts, has so many brands deals to his credits. Logan has collaborated with different prestigious brands like PEPSI, HBO, Nikes, Hanes, Dunkin’ Donuts with six-figure deals. And he shot a campaigning video for Hanes which got an unbelievable and overwhelming response in facebook and got 750k views, in twitter got 3.8 million impressions and 38 million Vine loops.

Logan Paul Controversy

Born on April 1, 1995, in Westlake, Ohio, Logan Paul stated making music videos from his 7th grade. His younger brother Jake Paul is also a famous social media personality. Jake is also making videos in Vine and he is a popular actor and model too. In October 2007, Paul bought his first house for $6,550,000. In January 2018, Logan Paul caused a media backlash after shooting a video encountering the body of a suicide victim in Aokigahara forest in Japan. Later, Paul deleted that video and apologized the media and his fans through his Youtube and Twitter accounts.