Is MangaStream Dead? Alternative Websites Of MangaStream

Comics are still popular among every age of people. As per the era changes, the format of comic books is changing. Previously, it was coming only in papers or hard copies. Now, it is available in the digital world in the form of soft or digital copies. If you are a comics lover, you must have known about Manga. Yes! Manga is one of the most famous comics books worldwide. It’s official website MangaStream.cc is worldwide popular.  This website provides high-quality comic books for comic lovers. But now, it’s fading. Is it dead? Will the comic lovers never get their comic books online from MangaSteam? Let’s find out.


About MangaStream:

MangaStream was the famous online portal of manga comics. Here users used to get their favorite Japanese comic books online. It was one of the most famous and popular comic book websites. Some of the French ads companies used to translate Japanese comics into different languages like English, French, Italian, and other languages. For comics lovers, it was the most popular website because it was not charging any additional charges to read their favorite comics online. For a decade, MangaStream was providing around millions of Japanese comic books online to its users. Now, it is down. There are so many speculations for this website’s fall. So many hearts are broken. But, you do not have to worry. Here, we are providing some of the famous alternative websites for MangaStream. Stay tuned with us.

Why MangaStream Is Down?

From resources, it has been heard that the original Manga Comics owner had forced them to shut down the website. Yet, the actual reasons are not cleared by the website owners.

Alternative Websites for Manga Comics:

There are so many speculations online related to Manga Comics. Will the comic lovers ever read comics online? Is it possible to get Manga Comics online ever again? Well, we have the answer. We have listed some of the famous alternatives of MangaStearm websites where comic lovers can get their famous comic books online to read.

  1. MangaFox
  2. MangaDex
  3. MangaOwl
  4. MangaTown
  5. MangaPark
  6. MangaReborn
  7. MangaHere
  8. TenManga
  9. MangaReader
  10. MangaEden
  11. MangaPanda
  12. MangaKakalot
  13. KissManga
  14. Mangairo
  15. Mangago
  16. Manganelo
  17. ToonGet
  18. MangaFreak
  19. Mangastream.today
  20. Comixology

Top 10 MangaStream Alternate Websites:

Out of the above 20 alternative websites of MangaStream, 10 are quite famous on the internet. Let’s have a brief discussion below.



Just like MangaStream, MangaDex is one of the most popular comic websites where comics lovers can read their favorite comics online. This website not only provides manga comics, but also is has different versions of those manga comics. These versions include colorful comics of the same manga comics, alternative fan-made endings, official crossovers. etc. Visit MangaDex here.

2. MangaFox:


Speaking about the alternative of MangaStream, you cannot skip MangaFox. If you are hungry for manga comics, this website will fulfill your hunger. It has a large collection of manga comics online. There are so many fake MangaFox websites are available online. The original one has the color theme of orange, black, and white. Visit the official MangaFox website now.

3. MangaOwl:


MangaOwl is one of the most popular alternative websites for MangaStream. This website is famous among comic lovers because it released WSJ sequence episodes regularly. It is being said that those episodes were released here long before their official release date. This website is an orange-colored theme website and completely user-friendly. Visit MangaOwl now.

4. MangaPark:


If you are looking for manga comics online, the MangaPark website should be on your checklist. This website is quite famous for its large collection of manga comics. It’s fan following is high and it always releases comic books with updated contents. The MangaPark website is beautiful and completely user-friendly. Visit the official site of MangaPark now.

5. MangaTown:


MangaTown is one of the famous websites which have a large database of manga comic books. This website has a collection of Town-Sized comic books. The look of this website is quite different from other ones. It’s mind-blowing look and user-friendly design will give you a unique experience. Visit MangaTown now.

6. MangaHere:


MangaHere has the largest collection of comic books that will fulfill your evergrowing hunger for manga comics. This website has more than 10,000 collections of manga comics that are enough for online readers. The URL of this website regularly changes as daily traffic is quite high. Here, you can find Japanese, Koren, HongKong, European, and Chinese manga comics. Visit MangaHere now.

7. MangaReborn:


Well, if there is a discussion regarding alternative websites for MangaStream, you can’t skip MangaReborn. This website is completely dedicated to manga comics. It has a massive community of Manga lovers. To read your favorite manga comics on this website, you just have to create an account here and enjoy your reading. The official theme of this website is white and maroon. Visit MangaReborn now.

8. TenManga:


TenManga is one of the most famous and latest alternative websites that are shortlisted for MangaStream. This website has the largest collection of manga comics and over 55+ genres of databases for online users. You can find any manga comics here by just typing the first letter of the comics. Visit TenManga now.

9. MangaReader:


MangaReader is a unique alternative website for MangaStream. Just because the look of this website has maximum resemblance with the original MangaStream website. Plus, it has the largest collection of comic books. The user interface is in the English language. The most interesting thing about this website is it has a “surprise me” section. When you will click on this section or button, a random manga comic book will appear for you to read online. Visit MangaReader now.

10. MangaKakalot:


Speaking about the alternative website, MangaKakalot must be included in that list. This website has a collection of manga comic books for comic lovers. You can read comic books online through smartphones, tablets, and PC or laptops. At the time of opening this website, you will find the list of high-quality manga comic books online. Visit MangaKakalot now.

If the manga comic book lovers think that their favorite comic book website is now gone, they do not have to worry now. There are plenty of websites available online that provides their favorite manga comic books online.