Most Popular PS4 Games In The World

It’s time to be a Gamer. Gamers love to play, live to play. They always look for the trend and adventure in every single game. Playing games can build their memory and strategic power. The whole world is waiting for the PS5 game console whereas PS4 games are still people’s favorite. here, we have listed some of the most popular PS4 games in the world. This list consists of both classic and newly released games based on the user’s rating. So, buckle up! Get ready to explore the games that made the games. You can also play these games and share your experiences in the comment box.

Most Popular PS4 Games In The World:

Here is the list of the most popular PS4 games in the world. Explore the list below and play your favorite game anytime you want.

1.Grand Theft Auto V (Action-Adventure-Racing)

Game 1

2. Spider-Man (Action-Adventure)

Game 2

3. God Of War (Action-Adventure, Hack and Slash)

Game 3

4. Red Dead Redemption II (Action-Adventure)

Red Dead Redemption 2

5. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (First-person shooter, Tactical Shooter)

Game 5

6. The Last Of Us (Action-Adventure, Survival Horror)

The last of us

7. Horizon Zero Dawn (Action-Role Playing)

Game 7

8. Uncharted 4 (Action-Adventure)

Game 8

9. FIFA 18 (Sports)

Game 9

10. FIFA 19 (Sports)

Game 10