Growing up, we have all heard our moms and grannies running after us, trying to tie our hair into braids. “Braiding your hair will make them stronger and will help them grow faster, my child!” They would say. But, now that you are older suffering from hair loss and want longer hair at a faster rate, and are wondering if what those old ladies used to say is true or not. 

Braiding your hair has some long-lasting benefits and also acts as a form of protection for people who have delicate hair. However, does braids help your hair grow? Scroll through and read to find out!

In this article, we are going to answer the question, “Does braids help your hair grow faster?” Not only this, but we will also be looking at the benefits of braiding your hair. So keep reading to find out the answer to the most awaited question. 


Everyone is looking for a quick fix for longer, healthier hair and has come across people who say that braiding your hair helps in speeding the growth process of your hair. As much as we want it to be true, it is not. Braiding your hair does not speed up or facilitate the growth rate of your hair. The rate at which your hair grows is determined by other factors like the diet you take, stress levels, etc. Extreme amount of stress levels can cause thinning of your hair and may lead to breakage. 


Don’t be disheartened by the fact that braiding your hair does not speed up the growth rate process. Braiding your hair has a lot of benefits that can help you in the long run. 

Braiding your hair loosely can help in preventing the breakage of hair. Braiding your hair provides a strong structure for your hair. The strength of fibers increases when they are woven into a rope, similarly, hair is stronger when it is woven or made into a braid. When you braid your hair, it also reduces the contact of strands of your hair with the fabrics, skin, and other materials that may lead to frictional hair breakage. Braided hair stays tangle-free and this reduces breakage of hair while brushing by a large amount. 

However, you must keep in mind that if you braid your hair too tightly, it may lead to breakage of your hair. The tight braids pull tightly on the scalp and can lead to a form of hair loss that is known as traction alopecia. Taking a break from wearing tight hairstyles can reverse this condition and can help you regain your healthy hair back. 

There are various braided and non-braid hairstyles that you can find and learn how to make. Knowing a few braided and non-braided hairstyles can help you keep your hair healthy and strong by constantly changing between these hairstyles and making your hair flexible. You can find tutorials for many of these hairstyles on YouTube.