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The above mentioned logo is the primary logo for Oasis. Oasis was the English rock band formed in 1991, in Manchester. The primary logo of Oasis features the band name in sans serif family font along with black rectangle border. Helvetica Black Oblique  font has been used. This logo of Oasis can be seen in the early releases of the band music albums like Be Here Now, Definitely Maybe, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? etc.

Oasis launched its fourth studio album named Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, with an outlined logo. There is a fan made Oasis font is also available which is very similar to it. You can download it from here.
In the fifth album of the band, Heathen Chemistry, the same font has been used as the logo with the letters inside the classic bordered rectangle.

There is also a logo which is quite similar to the classic rectangle logo which is featured Helvetica typeface. It has been seen in their 2005 cover album Don’t Believe the Truth.

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