Online betting surge: why millions of more bettors are now involved

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The online gambling industry has seen another surge as millions of more people sign up for licensed sportsbooks websites and betting apps. Despite being one of the biggest industries in the world, the online sports and casino gambling sector is also one of the fastest-growing. What is the reason for that increase, and where will it stop? Will sports betting eventually be worldwide? It’s certainly heading in the right direction.

There’s no one or straightforward answer to why millions of more wagers are being placed than they were 12 months ago. Instead, it’s a combination of a few different factors that have, together, had a huge impact on the industry. One of the biggest contributors to the rise in sports bets is the recent change in Canadian gambling laws that now allow singles. 

In the past, Canadian sports fans seeking a bet on the outcome of a horse race, football fixture, boxing match or any other major event could only place parlays. 

That is no longer the case. Gamblers can now wager on single events, like the winner of a CFL match, MLS game or even the Canadian national tennis team competing for glory in the Davis Cup. This means players can now break their parlays into individual bets or smaller multiples, like singles and doubles. Although we are seeing a rise in bets placed, we aren’t necessarily seeing a rise in the amount of cash gambled every month.

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The United States joined the party

The removal of the blanket ban on betting in the United States has also had a lasting effect. It is now the decision of individual states and their governors to decide whether or not to permit residents and visitors to bet on sports online. Some areas were quick to make their decision, such as New Jersey who were the first to join Las Vegas in permitting betting. 

Others don’t want to entertain the idea, choosing to stick to the traditional rules while the remaining councils are playing the waiting game. The as-yet undecided are giving it time, checking to see what impact betting has on their neighbours before committing. This is true of New York and California who appear to be heading towards legalising sports betting online but remain in discussions. It has been predicted that these states and eventually most of America will legalise sports betting.

The biggest names in gambling from the United Kingdom and Europe have descended on the US, seeing it as a clean slate with millions of new customers available. The target audience may be new to betting and may not know a lot about it, but they know they want to enjoy their new freedoms to the max. They want to bet on the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS. They want to try all the various exciting betting markets that seem alien to them. What’s more, they want to do it from the comfort of their own home, using a desktop computer or when on the move through a smartphone app.

UK dominance could be at an end

For decades, the UK has dominated sports betting and then online gambling, but the island, where sports and betting is part of the culture, now faces competition. The leading UK and Irish bookies are sharing their knowledge with their American cousins, but some of the top dogs from across the Atlantic have worked out a shortcut. Land-based casinos and sportsbooks from Las Vegas are branching out across the land. Buying UK bookmakers is the quickest way to jump the queue, and we recently saw Caesars take over William Hill. The most famous casino in Vegas had no plans or desire to run William Hill’s high street bookies across the UK. What they were after was the technology and the trade secrets to give them a leg-up. They wanted to know what works in the industry and what doesn’t. It won’t be a surprise to see Caesar’s harvest this information then sell on the William Hill brand to the highest bidder.

This means little to sports bettors in the United Kingdom, United States or Canada. It won’t affect the way they bet or their chances of making a profit. What it does do is show how quickly times are changing in the industry and the competitiveness of the online betting sector is great news for gamblers.