Pro Tips To Become A Master Online Hoop Shooter

How strong is your shooting game? Be it or on an actual basketball court or virtually via your smartphones, sinking the ball into the hoop is an enjoyable thing to do. If you can’t make it to the court every day to play, Hoops on MPL might be the next best thing available. It is an exciting game for everyone who loves a game of basketball on their mobile phones, packed with beautiful animations and colorful graphics. 

The game mode is 1v1. Both you and your opponent have to shoot hoops on the same court and compete with each other to get a higher score. The game offers an extraordinarily seamless and straightforward basketball game experience; it is just what you need to make your days more fun. You can also expect fun twists in the game that arrive in the form of booster cards. The challenge of sinking those perfect shots is now more exciting than ever. If you are on the lookout for a super fun basketball game online, then look no further. 

Hoops Basketball game is played in the “free throw” mode. There are no other sophisticated game modes that require extensive tutorials to play. Therefore, the objective of this game is to shoot your best shot all the time. Also, if you do not find an online opponent to play with, there’s the option to play the game regardless and wait for the opponent to finish later so that scores can be compared and a winner is declared. 

All said and done, there are many ways to score higher than your opponent within the game. To secure a competitive edge over your opponent, here are some valuable tips to make yourself an absolute pro in Hoops on MPL:

1 Watch the tutorial video to understand the game better

As easy as this online hoop shooting game might be, you can still get a better hang of it by watching what the game makers have to say about scoring more and winning. You can watch the “How to Play” video in the game’s battle select menu. It is available in the form of a shareable YouTube link. While this gives you a basic understanding of the game, it cannot supersede playing the game by any means. 

2 Practice makes perfect – it’s the truth!

You cannot expect to win every game if you haven’t exposed yourself to many practice games. While practice games have low stakes, the gameplay is pretty much the same as the actual battles. Therefore, think of it as prepping yourself better to face the challenges that the game has to offer. You’ll get to know the various gameplay mechanics and offbeat ways to one-up your opponent and win game after game. Also, play cash battles only once you feel you are ready. Playing a sufficient number of practice games is a no-brainer before signing up for high-stakes tournaments. 

3 Target the 3 point zones as much as possible

A player wins points each time they land a basket. However, what determines the number of points is the zone from which you (or your opponent) take the shot. It can vary between a 1-point, 2-point, or 3-point zone. Your aim should be to consistently target the 3-point zones and sink the ball each time to keep adding three points to your scoreboard. 

4 Use the booster cards to maximum effect

If there’s an element that makes Hoops stand out from other online basketball games, it’s the addition of quirky booster cards that can impact the game positively or negatively. One thing’s for sure – they make the game much more engaging and fun, especially while playing against opponents in cash battles. 

Watch out for boosters such as XXL Hoop, Magnet, Aim Extender, and more to help score extra points. Specific boosters such as Hoop Shrinker, Earthquake, Ink Blot, and Brick Wall make it difficult for players to sink the perfect basket. You stand chances of scoring higher if you can utilize booster cards effectively. 

5 Keep an eye on the scoreboard and timer

You already know that you need to score more points than your opponent to win the game. While rushing to sink as many balls into hoops, you may forget to keep track of your score and that of your opponent. This can often lead to turns when you least expect them. Since both scores are viewable on the top panel, it makes sense to glance at them now and then while the game is in progress to ensure that you stay in the lead all through. Also, ensure that you have frequent eyes on the timer clock as well. 

6 Patience and precision are essential skills

Perseverance is everything you need while playing an online hoop shooter game such as MPL’s Hoops. Do not aspire to win every game (because that’s practically impossible), but make it a point to have fun and learn more about shooting while at it. It would be best to take numerous practice shots to figure out how to sink the ball flawlessly and learn how to angle it appropriately. Drag and release might seem basic, but there’s more to it. 

7 Don’t just go by wins and losses

The whole point of playing online hoop shooter games on the smartphone is to have oodles of basketball fun and spend time letting your hair down in the process. So, it’s better not to let the win-loss record get to you all that much. You win some, and you lose some. What you shouldn’t forget is to sit back, relax, and have a great time playing Hoops on MPL. 


Since Hoops is a relatively easy game, you should understand its nuances by following the above tips. Enjoy sinking those baskets into hoops, everyone!