360 Degree Feedback Software


How to assess each individual s, including employee, peer, and senior management, and implement their strength for the organization’s growth? Well, you must be astonished to know that Reflektive has become your troubleshooter in terms of enhancing efficiency, increase engagement, and give a strong retention capability.

The 360-degree feedback reviews and software of the Reflective is result-centric. It is an all inclusive-performance rating index for your employee and senior management.

The 360-degree application built by Reflective has an immense contribution to bringing productivity and withholding.

When people are heard and know their viewpoints matter, they feel confident and proactive towards their goal, and that is what Reflective’s 360-degree software is doing.

The 360-degree tool offered by Reflective is easy to configure. Users can adapt questions as per their preferences and job perspective. The questionnaire for feedback purposes will help bring accurate performance, capability, areas to work, and work allocation reviews. 

Developed for Employees

It is an honest and transparent 360-degree feedback software that employees admire a lot. You can get feedback and insights to work on your weaknesses and boost your current strengthen. It helps in scaling your performance so that you will come up with excellent efficiency,

Completely incorporated solution

Users can view all objectives, appreciation, and reviews in a single platform while receiving reviews. The apparent reviews help employees recognize what they can do for the organization and how they enhance their caliber. It helps keep boost the self-esteem of employees and management.

Reflektive Information

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  • Employee Recognition
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  • 360 Degree Feedback
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