3D CAD Software

Rhino 6

Rhino 6 is one of the familiar 3D software providers. People in construction and architect need 3D modeling, CAD diagram and a construction-related diagram for their projects. Rhino 6 has already comprehended the significance of such needs. That is why it has developed an advanced and robust 3D CAD tools for users. Rhino 3D CAD system can draw, inspect, modify, store, provide, interpret and animate NURBS surfaces, polygon meshes etc.  

Advantages and features present in Rhino 3D software. 

It is a creator platform for thousands of 3D modeling and items.

There is no requirement of special and advanced device. The software can run successfully in even a simple PC and laptop.

 It provides fast and scalable performance and results.

 The precise design, inspection, prototype, manufacture, 3D modeling of every project is possible with this tool.

Understand and rectify meshes and complicated IGES files.

It is supportive with all other rendering, animation, illustration, design, inspection, CAM, drafting and engineering tool.

 It provides uninterrupted 3D modeling software that helps you to draft and design any type of model’s shape.

The software is economical, no huge maintenance charges, simple hardware and easy to learn.

It is user friendly and easy to access. Users can simply understand instruction and learn how to run the program. The software provides you unstoppable visualization and design facility so that you can concentrate and doesn’t get affected by other updates within the software.

Rhino 6 Information

Vendor Name McNeel
Website https://www.mcneel.com
Rating 4.6
Product URL Click Here
Deployment Installed - Mac/Installed - Windows/
  • Design Export
  • Fashion Illustrations
  • Presentation Tools
  • 2D Drawing