Salar de Uyuni – The Largest Salt Flat

Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the present spread over 11,000 sq km in Bolivia. Its surface contains endless sheets of hexagonal tiles that have been created naturally by the crystalline nature of salt. We can also refer to this place as the largest salt desert in the world. Its high temperature, desert dryness, and fierce desert sun make human life nearly impossible at this place. From November to April, this place turns into the biggest salt lake due to the wet season. But the depth of this lake is only six to twenty inches deep. A boat or a truck can pass through the lake. At the time, the salt lake creates a mirror image of the sky and seems like the biggest illusion. It is one of the biggest magic of Nature.

Salar de Uyani – The Bolivian Salt Desert:

Here are some of the beautiful pictures of this beautiful salt desert. Please have a look.


salar de uyuni area


salar de uyuni desert image


salar de uyuni hexagonal tile


salar de uyuni home


salar de uyuni ilussion


salar de uyuni image


salar de uyuni lake


salar de uyuni salt pyramid


salar de uyuni tree


salar de uyuni