Skills Every Magento Developer Should Possess

Such CMS as Magento create around themselves huge communities of specialists, amateurs, programmers and just people who love this platform and launch their sites and projects on it. This is not surprising, since Magento entered the market more than 15 years ago and is still breaking records in terms of popularity among developers and customers. For more than 3 years in a row, according to various ratings, Magento has been ranked first in the world as the best CMS system and remains so now.

The whole rich history of Magento implies constant improvement. In order to grow steadily and be afloat, the platform has to anticipate and follow the trends of online commerce, develop, test and implement advanced technologies and be constantly aware of all the events in your business.

Of course, behind all this progress of Magento, first of all, there are people – highly qualified specialists and programmers who make the company grow at a fast pace and compete at a high level. They have a great responsibility, it depends on their work how CMS Magento will be able to create high-quality sites for the world’s leading companies like Lenovo, Ford, Nestle, Rolex and others.

In order for companies to compete for the top spot in the market, their websites have many requirements and ecommerce website features that cannot be neglected.

Ways to collaborate with web developers on Magento

When it comes to employees, there are several options for working with them:

  1. The first option is an employee in the office who is part of your team. This is the most effective, but at the same time resource-intensive option for cooperation with a specialist. It is very important that the employee is inside the team and interacts closely with it. This creates synergy and increases team productivity. You can track his work, discuss and influence his work, it is easier for an employee to meet deadlines and work in the rhythm of the team. But all these positive aspects require, first of all, financial costs: the cost of acquiring the necessary equipment, providing a workplace, the cost of maintaining an office and all related costs.
  2. The second option is that the employee works remotely, but is also part of your team. This means that he, like a full-time employee, is part of your team and works together with it. In order to follow the rhythm of the team’s work, the employee will have to make more efforts, because. Most of these employees work from home. Therefore, finding an employee who can be effective outside the office may not be so fast.
  3. The third option is an involved specialist (freelancer) or agency. This type of employee is the most reliable and predictable. You can judge the effectiveness of his work and ability to meet deadlines based on his feedback, his portfolio and the number of clients with whom he works constantly. Such specialists usually have a large workload and rarely look for additional clients. Due to the high quality of his work and successful work, the “churn” of his clients is extremely low.

In the case of the involved specialist, everything is more or less clear. We look at his already implemented projects, evaluate the level of professionalism, look at personal qualities, like punctuality or communication, and start working with him.

If you decide to take an employee to the team, whether outsourced or on staff, you need to evaluate his competence and professionalism.

Let’s analyze the main hard and soft-skills of a Magento specialist, which will be useful for solving complex tasks on Magento CMS:

  1. Good understanding of markup language and front-end
    These languages ​​include HTML 5 and CSS. They are the basis for creating the appearance of pages and their design. Any website is 70% markup and Magento is no exception.
  2. Knowledge of JavaScript programming language
    Using JavaScript, website functions, operations, and programs are created. JS responsible for interactivity on the site and performing complex operations like a shopping cart, checkout or additional functionality on the site.
  3. Good knowledge of PHP
    As you know CMS Magento is written in PHP programming language. If a specialist does not know it, he will immediately lose the opportunity to make high-quality customization or refinement of Magento templates or create his own.
  4. Be able to create themes on Magento
    The ability to create high-quality topics is the most important skill of a specialist, because. even with an abundance of offers on all topics, it is difficult to find something that would correspond 100% to the requirements of the company.
  5. Multitasking skill
    Multitasking is a useful skill for any team member and Magento specialist is no exception. His soft-skills should include composure, self-organization and discipline. And only then the specialist will be able to highlight the priority task and perform them efficiently.
  6. Experience with Magento
    It will take a lot of time for any specialist to master Magento from scratch. Even experienced in other CMS systems.
  7. Quality Communication
    The quality of communication is one of the most important soft-skills of any specialist. The specialist must be able to conduct a dialogue in any situation and with any people. Among his main personal qualities should be respect for people, patience, honesty and politeness.

In order to more accurately create a statement of tasks for your project and build a path for its development, we recommend that you contact magento consulting services.

This will help you not only clearly define what kind of employee you need, but also reveal a more precise strategy for developing your site.