Some Cool Jewelry Ideas For Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a day where we celebrate love. Love can be celebrated in a lot of ways but it is important to celebrate these little happy moments otherwise our lives can become very dull. So we should express our love to our favorite person by doing something she loves. She can be a lot of people, she can be your sister, mother, girlfriend, wife, grandma, or even your father, grandfather, etc. Like you can get a lot of ideas about gifts for daughter. To love someone not only means romantic love but it can also mean caring too. If you care about someone close enough then you could consider buying them some items of jewelry this valentine’s day. Jewelry is not something that only women wear for there is jewelry for men too.

Here are some jewelry ideas for gifting this Valentine’s 

1. Lapis Lazuli Pendants

A pendant is a type of necklace but with a single big stone instead of many small pieces of stone like a diamond necklace. A lapis lazuli pendant can be an excellent choice for a valentine’s gift if you are looking for something in the premium range. But do bear in mind you need to be sure before buying that the person who you will give this pendant to has to have a matching set of earrings or not. If they do not have then try to give them an entire set as a gift. Because a lapis lazuli stone is a deep purple in color and it is usually worn alongside a tennis bracelet or a stud-type earring. At our store we have quite an extensive globally renowned design of earrings and pendants, do check them all out before buying your favorite one.

2. Tanzanite Pendants 

Tanzanite is a rare earth stone found only in one place on Earth. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa. A tanzanite pendant despite being a rare earth stone pendant is relatively inexpensive when compared to other types of pendants. You should buy a tanzanite pendant with a sterling silver chain or white gold chain if the person wearing them has a medium to fair skin color. Otherwise, try to buy one with a gold chain as that one will surely look classy. Like lapis lazuli tanzanite is also a deep-colored stone but unlike a lapis lazuli, this one has more texture added to it. By simply looking at the Pendant you will be awestruck by its radiance and glow. To accessorize you can choose to buy a good pair of hoop or stud earrings or even a jhumka type earring if your special someone is open to the idea of cross-culture dressing.

3. Heart-Shaped Jewelry

Since it is valentine’s, didn’t the idea of you gifting your special someone heart-shaped jewelry struck your mind? If it did then you are not alone. A lot of guys buy heart jewelry for their special someone on Valentine’s Day. It does not necessarily mean a heart-shaped necklace, it can be a small ring or an earring, or even a bracelet. If you want to give a nice pair of heart-shaped rings as a gift then try to find one with a sterling silver ring as that combination works best for most cases. But if you are looking for something extravagant then try to buy a heart-shaped pendant preferably with a Ruby stone as a red-colored stone along with a platinum or sterling silver chain works best in your favor. Some artistic types of heart-shaped earrings are made of strontium titanate stone. A strontium titanate is a lab-made diamond-type stone but a lot more affordable. 

4. Zircon Rings

A blue zircon ring is the best type of zircon ring that is available. A blue zircon stone has such an intense fire that a lot of women are attracted to its power. Wearing a blue zircon gives a unique confidence-inspiring stance which is a good thing. You can wear a blue zircon ring 💍 to a party or semi-formal events as this falls under the affordable premium category of rings. Try to find a blue zircon ring with sterling silver or platinum ring as that combination looks best with formal and semi-formal attire.


If you love someone then you should celebrate that every day of the year and not just one day. This one day should be one of your special days and not the only special day. You see everybody is busy with work and life commitments but it is little gifts and surprises like jewelry which girls love. You need not speak a fortune on jewelry for most girls see a person’s effort rather than the value of the item gifted.