SSC CPO Post Preference: What Type Of 5 mistakes do You Need To Avoid

Are you aware of the mistakes that you need to circumvent while choosing SSC CPO post preference?  You need to have enough idea in the context of choosing an SSC CPO post can help you a bit more. You are required to understand how it may affect the final selection, vacancies, and post indeed. Let us understand those 5 huge mistakes that you need to avoid at the time of making this important job post oriented preference – 

  • Most candidates go on cloud 9 to find a handsome SSC CPO in hand salary. But you need to take your decision with patience.  You should apply only if you pass the PET exam. You might be wondering what does it mean by this. PET means Physical Endurance Test. Whether it is about the SSC CPO Physical Standard Test or the PET, they both are required to clear as per the notification of the issue. You need to get confident enough to clear the exam. If you do not clear this exam then you are doing nothing but wasting a lot of time and money in the context of preparing for the SSC CPO exam. You probably do not believe that over 13000 candidates could not clear the PET/PST exam but they passed the Paper 1 of SSC CPO. You should go-ahead to apply for this exam only if you are physically fit enough indeed. 
  • When it comes to CISF, Assistant Sub Inspector cannot be turned into the most preferred post. Though if a candidate wants to get hired in the CISF, a candidate would prefer to kick having a high paid salary. An excellent rank will also be there. That is why a post-C SI is regarded as the highly preferred job. Studies say that 10 aspirants did a high score in 2015 to fetch a SI rank job and they were hired since they made it their first preference. 
  • It sounds a bit bizarre but true that intelligent candidates do not go with ABCDEFG similarly to this important post perforcee. You need to put extra effort and seriousness to succeed in the exam.  You need to do your preparation in different manners so that the chance of your selection is indeed improved. 
  • You should not apply for this exam if you did not clear the medical exam. Yes, it is quite important to clear if you want to be on your dream job. It does not matter if you cleared Paper I and II, you could be rejected in the exam. Here, it needs to mention that SSC CPO medical exam is worthy to clear and it has been mentioned in the exam too. You need to make sure that your eyesight is perfect. Apart from it, your mental ability and physical ability also go with set guidelines. You need to make sure of these things before applying for this exam indeed. 
  • You need to have a driving license before applying for the PET examination. Talking about notification, it is always mentioned there you need to have a driving license. If you truly want to get into Delhi Police then you need to have your driving license indeed. It’s a mandatory thing to do. If you want to have the post of Sub Inspector then you are required to have a driving license. Here, it needs to mention that there could be two candidates having a rank below 70 holding the first preference being SI Delhi Police but they do not require any driving license. Here, it needs to mention that most candidates available in the top list who do not hold a driving license did not go ahead and prefer it. 

Several candidates do apply for this job post every year. The reason they apply is its pay scale as well as great allowances. After 7the pay commission, the salary of an SSC CPO has also seen a great hike. Talking about the basic salary that an SSC CPO can get is 35,400/-. Do you want to know about the gross salary? It is INR 47,496/-. Talking about the pre-revised grade pay, it will remain INR 4200/-. 

And The Final Thought 

Hope the shared information has made you aware enough to take the right decision. Do follow them while making your career-oriented decision indeed. If you keep these mistakes in mind, you can have a bright future indeed. It is all about your career and that is why you need to go extra careful.