Surrogacy Cost Colombia, Rights, and Obligations of the Parties Under the Agreement

The problem of infertility of married couples is widespread throughout the world, including Colombia. Thus, many assisted reproductive technologies, among which surrogacy is popular, are used to solve it. According to WCOB, surrogacy in Colombia is allowed at the legislative level. Even LGBT (lesbian, gay men, transgender, bisexual) can get perfect surrogacy services. 

Surrogacy Cost Colombia: How Much Does the Complete Program Cost?

The experts of best online agency World Center of Baby indicate the cost of surrogacy in Colombia is about $ 60,000. This is the price for the program, which includes a full range of services. No other fees are required. The program is under warranty.

Agreement as the Basis of Surrogacy in Colombia

The agreement forms the basis of the surrogacy process. It regulates the relationship between the surrogate mother and the child’s genetic parents, so it is a civil agreement. According to the leading specialists of the World Center of Baby, legal regulation of the agreement is carried out by the rules of civil law, as the relationship between the parties is purely civil in nature.

Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities of the Parties

The rights, duties, and responsibilities of the parties play an important role in the surrogacy agreement.

Rights and Responsibilities of a Surrogate Woman

The responsibilities of a surrogate mother Colombia include:

  • Following all the recommendations of the doctor of the health care institution that will conduct the surrogacy program and monitor pregnancy;
  • From the moment of pregnancy to be registered in the women’s clinic of the health care institution;
  • Do not use alcohol, drugs, do not smoke;
  • Follow the recommendations regarding nutrition and daily routine;
  • Refrain from taking any action that may adversely affect her health or the health of an unborn baby;
  • Inform potential parents (mom and dad) and the doctor about the course of pregnancy;
  • After the birth of a child to pass it to potential parents.

The rights of surrogate moms include the right to:

  • Information on all legal issues of the surrogacy process;
  • Information on all medical aspects and possible health risks associated with surrogacy;
  • Receiving and using monetary compensation.

Rights and Responsibilities of Potential Parents

Professionals working in the World Center of Baby allocate the following responsibilities of potential parents:

  • Pay the costs associated with the surrogacy program and pregnancy monitoring;
  • After birth to register the child in the book of records of civil status.

Rights of potential parents:

  • Information on legal and medical aspects of surrogacy;
  • Communicate with the surrogate mother during pregnancy to obtain information about her health and the condition of the fetus.

Summing up, we should note that the peculiarity of the agreement on surrogacy is that it is concluded before the procedure of assisted reproductive technology. In practice, there may be cases where the embryo does not take root in the body of the surrogate mother for biological reasons. Such a situation cannot be considered the improper performance of the terms of the agreement but may lead to its termination.